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The new Zhao Bin movie "big gun! One thousand and eight hundred! "The award-winning exposes large scale entertainment Sohu -" Opium gun! One thousand and eight hundred! "Zhao Bin stills of the strength of the actor Zhao Bin Sohu entertainment news today, by Liu Xing Zhang Yanrong, the screenwriter, in Portland, Jiang Tao co director, Zhao Bin, Yu Lan, fan Rui and other co stars of the movie" big gun! One thousand and eight hundred! "Won best director prize at the fortieth Montreal International Film Festival, triggering hot. Berlin Montreal International Film Festival and the Cannes International Film Festival, International Film Festival, the Venice International Film Festival, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and said the five International Film Festival, International Film Festival belongs to a class, in such a major event won awards, "big guns! One thousand and eight hundred! "The unique theme and actor wonderful interpretation, access to a large number of foreign filmmakers and judges of the high evaluation. It is worth mentioning that the strength of the actor Zhao Bin Wu Huide plays the male lead in the movie, Zhao Bin once in "Qing merchants", "situation", "door woman cry", "Qinghai flower" and "hidden in" before dawn "and many other TV dramas have wonderful performance. In the movie, Zhao Bin and director and actress Yu Lan will be staged a love hate relationship with the choice of life and death with touching stories will also show the Northeast local customs and practices. Previously, Zhao Bin has revealed that the film will have large scale scenes, as the greatest feeling of shooting, he said was deeply attracted to the Northeast seasons, spring chunxindangyang, summer people restless, snowy winter wheat with an invigorating autumn climate, Bing was taken for group waiting for a year, bring you sincerity to make! I hope the audience all over the world are able to love this work, also hope that through their own interpretation of the people of the world can know more about the culture and the fate of the 50s and 60s, the specific background of the people carrying". Speaking about the award, Zhao Bin also shared his feelings, "hoping to get more awards, more recognition, more people recognized to be able to enjoy this film, nowadays too many comments will affect the audience, I hope you go to the cinema to see if it is not worth the money". At the same time, Zhao Bin also evaluated the film can cause people to think deeply, can be awarded prizes in different countries, but also enough to prove the quality of the film, its value comes from our thoughts on human nature". It is reported that, after winning the Montreal Film Festival, Zhao Bin will be in September 8th to Zunyi to attend the premiere of his movie starring the "Zunyi conference", 18, the film will also participate in the Silk Road International Film festival.   相关的主题文章: