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The old people’s artist Su min died into the story — entertainment channel, Su min was born in 1926 and Pu Cunxin father and son, formerly known as Pu Si Xun, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing city Lishui District Zhetang Town Creek Village, his father moved to Beijing in 40s, from the last century, it is committed to the drama industry. Su min and Lan Tianye who is the first actor in theater stage has played a "Thunderstorm" in Zhou Ping, "Cai Wenji" in the week, "Homer sometimes nods" in Gloucester muff, "sword" in his common role. With Pu Cunxin’s father and son in the theater’s story is, in addition to the father with the derivation of complex layout of "Cai Wenji", the original historical drama "Li Bai" the two together and become more drama scholar play classic, the Soviet people not only as a director, personally reciting Li Bai’s famous. In addition, two people have the role of inheritance, "Thunderstorm" in Zhou Ping is an example, the two men staged baton. Su Min, father and son of Pu Cunxin. In 2007, Su min (left) and Lan Tianye together "art life". Su Minceng plays the role of "Thunderstorm" in the Zhou Ping. 28 am, Beijing people’s art of the famous actor, director, Pu Cunxin’s father, Su min died at the age of 89. The famous performing artist Lan Tianye and Su min is 74 years old, he said in an interview with JINGWAH times, "although already mentally prepared, but also conceal his grief". In the eyes of the people, Su min is an excellent actor, director and drama educator. "He has made great contributions to the inheritance and development of Chinese drama". – died many years of illness before bed still write yesterday afternoon, Lan Tianye received a phone call from Pu Cunxin, "to hear him say his father’s death, I still feel very suddenly". About the old West, 88 year old Lan Tianye choked several times, "although already mentally prepared, but also conceal his grief, chat can comfort is, he peacefully in his sleep and go, he is God’s will". Lan Tianye told the JINGWAH Times reporter, Su people sick for many years, he was hospitalized every time, I do not want to go to see him, because I do not want to see him when the state of illness". This year this time in hospital, the situation is not too good, two months ago, I went to the hospital to see him, we are very happy to meet". However, Lan Tianye saw Su people wearing oxygen inhalation machine, inserted the tube, I’m not really good mood". In the eyes of the blue field, Su min is a workaholic, "he doesn’t take care of your body". Because of this, the blue field with Su people anxious, "I was really angry, when he was sick with the doctor also continue to leave, said that a group of students he play but also in some places is not assured, he took the teaching and problems to solve". He said many times, "the body is not good enough to pay attention to rest". No obviously listen to Su min, a blue field, went to the hospital to see him, "I opened the door of the hospital, was shocked, he moved a small chair on the bed, there is still something". – Tang Ye (Art Director) remind students of junior care let me unforgettable is Tang Ye Beijing)相关的主题文章: