The others crazy car, ofo + bike sharing mode depends on the connection end the fight technology Soh-x3210

The others crazy car, ofo + bike sharing mode depends on the connection end the fight after the Sohu technology drops fast, become the new bike sharing phenomenon this year. Mobell, ofo, Xiao Ming who is very competitive, it is said that there are 20 investment institutions, more than 1 billion of funds into the industry. After getting the money on a bicycle sharing platform are now entering more and more cars on the city, with large-scale expansion drops fast burn wars when the same wilderness growth, but there is no subsidy war, or expand their own factories, some is introduced into the traditional manufacturers, there is the transformation of municipal bicycle. Ofo now has a different way of playing. In November 17th, ofo held a press conference to upgrade to version 3 yellow car, ride a safer and better, stronger, more concern is the connection sharing city strategy. Ofo choose to do the connection + sharing mode of the bicycle platform sharing strategy is divided into C and B side. Connecting the C side is to encourage users to share their bikes on the platform, connecting the B end is through the open platform, access to bicycle manufacturers and bicycle operators. At the press conference, ofo announced that it has reached a supply chain collaboration with 700bike, as a case of B connection. This idea is not difficult to understand, with drops of pattern is exactly the same: C end up cycling equivalent drops express, B access bike manufacturers or operators of a bicycle car drops, is the platform of B2C, rather than self B2C. The original small yellow car 3 equivalent to a taxi, is self B2C mode. Look, after the completion of training, leveraging the market habits and examples of the mission, yellow cars will be ofo weakened, with drops of taxi business travel market by leveraging the idea. This conforms to the shared nature of the economy, every investor Zhu Xiaohu has publicly expressed China auto rental is "false sharing economy" point of view, because the proprietary B2C car platform is the nature of the Internet car rental company based on failed to revitalize the use of idle resources, resources target. Self B2C bicycle platform also have similar problems, after all, shared economic meaning is connected with the idle resources and instant scattered demand. It seems that after accepting drops of investment, ofo is more willing to take the connection + sharing mode, rather than the Internet based bicycle rental company. What are the benefits of connecting and sharing? Cycling is now the most intense competition stage, the pattern of innovation will often have the effect of half the effect. Ofo select the connection + sharing mode, the more significant benefits are: 1, the rapid development of the premise of cost control. If you insist on self B2C model, not surprisingly, sharing industry will fall into the quagmire of burn bicycle repairer: construction cost is very high, these cars will be put into different city operation and management costs more. By sharing economic model, to attract users to join the sharing platform idle cycling economy, attract bicycle brands (manufacturers and operators) to join the sharing economic platform mode, lighter, faster expansion, and cost control. Standing from the ofo point of view, it has been out of the campus, and set up a year相关的主题文章: