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The Philippine President or to withdraw from the International Criminal Court: small always bullied according to Xinhua news agency, Philippines president Rodrigo · Duthel Te 17, said that Philippines does not rule out will follow Russia, withdraw from the international criminal court. Previously, Tuttle Bentley pushed the crackdown triggered accused Western countries, the International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor · Bensouda also expressed "extreme concern". Duthel Te, 17, left Philippines to Peru, the capital of, to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) informal leadership meeting of the twenty-fourth. Before his departure, he told reporters in the southern Philippines city of Davao, Philippines may withdraw from the international criminal court. Duthel Te said that Russia believes that the International Criminal Court did not play its due role, thus exiting. "I might follow. Why? For a small country like ours is always being bullied." "If China and Russia decide to build a new international order, I will be the first to join," said Duthel Te. He warned western countries including the United States, don’t take the human rights issue that thing, backseat driver in Philippines. Duthel Te officially became the end of June this year, to fight against drug trafficking and other crimes, so far more than 4000 people died in the crackdown. Western countries accuse the Duthel Te administration of not respecting human rights and the rule of law". The International Criminal Court, according to a 1998 United Nations Diplomatic Conference of plenipotentiaries on the "Rome statute", was founded in July 1, 2002 in Holland Hague, is responsible for hearing, prosecutors and the National Security Council of the United Nations Commission hearing the case. However, in recent years, the International Criminal Court has been criticized for judicial bias. Burundi, South Africa, Gambia and three African countries on the end of the month have announced its withdrawal from the international criminal court. Russian President Vladimir · Putin also signed an order on the 16 day of this month, announced the withdrawal of the international criminal court. Putin signed a presidential decree of two days ago, the office of the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court released a report on the incident, Crimea incorporated into Russia accused Russia of "without the permission of the government of Ukraine", "control of part of the territory of ukraine". After the United States launched the war on terror in 2002 and invaded Afghanistan, it also announced its withdrawal from the Rome statute.相关的主题文章: