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The price of gold sticking to 1270 short GDP alert occasion to storm the bastions of hot column capital flows thousands of stocks on thousands of newly diagnosed We want you simulated trading client rating! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Friday morning, the spot price of gold has stabilized in the vicinity of 1270, the dollar index fell to 99.11 on the high unsuccessful 98.8 line. Today’s focus on the evening of the three quarter of the United States announced the actual GDP initial value. Overnight data last week, U.S. initial jobless claims for 86 consecutive weeks of less than 300 thousand people, the highest since 1970, the longest period of low unemployment, and had a week of continuous employment for the lowest in sixteen years, show that the job market continues to expand the potential. Along with the announcement of the United States in September durable goods orders growth than expected, of which the enterprise equipment orders fell 1.2% QoQ, the biggest decline since February of this year. Analysts said this is related to moderate domestic demand and weak overseas demand. Although the data is good or bad, but the dollar index remains high rise trend, indicating that the market is expected to raise interest rates by the Fed has not been affected. CME according to the U.S. federal funds futures made the "fed observation tool" shows that the current market is expected in November of this year’s meeting of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates a probability of less than 10%, and in December this year, the conference has more than 78% probability of interest rate reached 78.5%. As the United States in December is expected to increase interest rates strongly, and investors are skeptical of other central banks loose stance, which makes the global bond market suffered a sell-off. Bond yields rose against the high price of gold. But for gold investors, the future need to pay close attention to the impact of higher inflation on the price of gold. Citigroup believes that the level of inflation in developed countries to get rid of the recent downturn, and is likely to go further in the next 6-12 months. Citigroup is expected to rise to 2% next year, the highest level since 2012. Mainly due to the base effect, rising oil prices and other external drag factor elimination. Hourly chart, the price of gold stabilized at the top of the average system, suggesting that there is still rising momentum, but the rise of kinetic energy is weak, so keep watching, waiting for more trading signals. Today’s focus: 20:00            Germany October CPI initial 20:30            U.S. three quarter real GDP initial 22:00            U.S. October University of Michigan consumer sentiment index into [shares] Sina Finance Discussion相关的主题文章: