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The Prime Minister of Kampuchea and the South China Sea behind China: foreign forces were less data figure: the Prime Minister of Kampuchea Hong Sen told Beijing media joint interview with the original title: Kampuchea Prime Minister Hong Sen: firmly opposed to the extraterritorial forces interference region in new network Nanning on 12 September, (reporter Yang Chen) Kampuchea Prime Minister Hong Sen said here, firmly opposed to regional the problem of extraterritorial interference, especially in the South China Sea issue. It is not a small problem that can undermine ASEAN’s relations with China, which is an important basis for regional peace. Where there is no peace, there is no possibility of development. September 11th to 14, the thirteenth China – ASEAN Expo held in Guangxi, Nanning. The ninth time Hong Sen led a delegation to attend the Expo, and accepted including Beijing, China media interview. Hong Sen said, I started to know China from Guangxi. "I went to Beijing in 1991, via the Nanning airport. Since then, Guangxi has become the destination I want to come. Later, the East Fair held in Nanning, I became an honorary citizen of Nanning, this is my pleasure." Hong Sen said that since the China ASEAN Expo, the bilateral trade volume is growing, but also to promote the China ASEAN FTA negotiations and construction progress. For Kampuchea, exhibitors increased year by year, has reached 114 booths. "This provides opportunities and platforms for more Kampuchea products to be sold to china". At present, "The Belt and Road construction is accelerating. Hong Sen believes that the development of ASEAN, the lack of initiative, nor lack of projects, the lack of funds. "China" is put forward in the The Belt and Road ‘initiative, immediately announced by the countries along the Silk Road Fund support. Compared to some people say much to do less, China is always said to do less. We appreciate the efforts of China, not only to develop their own economy, but also to help neighboring countries and regions." He pointed out that the maintenance of relations between ASEAN and China, ASEAN countries and China have important significance. Turning to the South China Sea issue, Hong Sen said that Kampuchea is standing in a just position to maintain friendly relations between China and asean. "I would like to emphasize that only the relevant countries, such as China and Philippines, China and Vietnam, Vietnam and Philippines, bilateral consultations, to solve the problem." "We should not regard the relationship between ASEAN and China on the South China Sea issue. The South China Sea issue is just one of thousands of questions." Hong Sen stressed: "we hope that the relevant countries to negotiate a peaceful solution to the problem, especially in the negotiations of the relevant countries, please do not disturb other countries. Also hope that foreign countries do not bother to these countries." "Can not let the South China Sea issue, this small problem to undermine the relationship between ASEAN and China, which is very important for the future development of the region." He said. (end)相关的主题文章: