The rainy season is no longer. –

The rainy season is no longer. Sohu October 8, 2016 Saturday sunny weather station in Casablanca, its name is oasis. Today just out of the sahara. Spent two days without cell phone signals. Never seen such a beautiful sky. The galaxy is visible to the naked eye, lying in the desert, watching the stars listen to the original people to sing their own music, a cat hiding in my arms heating. Enjoy the day without the network, like a small dust. In the mosque in the old city district: in the garden in the Sahara Desert: Laurent: I only perseverance, willing to work hard with my life, but my personal mind is conservative. On the day of my life, be a true man. Do not give up the love of life and dedication, in the limited space and time, the vast majority of the day. Good night, you and the world. – END – good night, you and the world. Goodnight, you and all. [retention twelve percent memories, with a dose of aspirin analgesia. Please contact: 584496411@qq] cooperation mail submission please contact email: aspirinmuseum@yeah looking for me to chat to micro-blog: @_ miss miss / @ aspirin Museum studio waiting for you to meet, do not admit micro-blog oh. Appreciation of the person相关的主题文章: