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Internet-and-Business-Online Video marketing is the latest marketing strategy. Quality video content, with correct tagging and intelligent distribution online has tremendous power to reach wide audiences. With a quarter of top executives preferring video over text, and big improvements in online reporting, video, today, looks set to become the B2B marketing channel of choice. According to Google, over 1.5 million businesses search YouTube everyday for video content, thus making it the second most visited destination for business-related searches after the search engine. Richard Robinson, industry head for B2B marketing at Google, says The fact is that B2B professionals are looking to consume content in a much easier way, but at the same time expect it to be in a rich media format, engaging and hard-hitting. Bunn. Jake Ward, director of client services of corporate video production company BroadView, says Natural search may no longer be confined to the written word, with video presenters making sure they use their target keywords as liberally as possible. Video content has played a major part in SEO ever since Google introduced Universal Search in 2008. The update really changed the market because it means that video is seen as a higher-value tool and with it you see more cross-pollination between sites with link sharing and recommendations. Jack Wallington, head of industry at IAB, says UKOM will compliment other computer use data and can currently supply data for sites that have over 30,000 visitors a month. The reaction has been very positive as it is something that has been sought after for a long time. B2B marketers will now be able to use UKOM to see which sites work best for their campaigns and from where they are being viewed. Marketing via video content has been growing fast and video marketing is set to enter the next phase of its development. Online video marketing has big advantages over traditional methods. Two main advantages are; The power of video as a medium to contact and communicate with human beings; The power of video to engage with search engines. In other words, video not only influences customers buying decisions, it can also significantly boost your visibility to Google and the other search engines. All video marketing starts with video content; acquiring quality, relevant and affordable video content can be quite an exhausting task. There are many options available for businesses; these range from DIY webcam/mobile phone/camcorder videos to costly, corporate marketing and promotional videos. These new forms of video content offer good value and they are good to watch professionally made video podcasts need to have pro-sound and lighting. These videos are worth watching. Every business has some area of expertise, so talking about what you know and do best in your specific area, might interest the majority of visitors. Increasing popularity of how to videos supports it. People interested in additional information will actively search for this type of content If you have the information, and are willing to give some of it away for free, you are sure to find plenty of content for video webcasting or podcasting. Copyright (c) 2010 Ajay Prasad About the Author: 相关的主题文章: