The solar carport sale, Japanese companies first step – Sohu car Tesla pgd-426

The solar carport sale, Japanese companies first step – Japanese car Tesla Sohu launched a new Energy Development Corporation FaBSCo, 5.1kW solar carport Smileport, cooperation and development, and in many electric cars to negotiate related products. It is understood that the size of the product is 6615mm× 1980mm× 2874mm (about two parking spaces), FaBSCo company said the product positioning, will be based on the home equipment. Japan has launched a new Energy Development Corporation FaBSCo, 5.1kW and Smileport of the solar carport, product positioning mainly from the household, with courtyard or live in suburban families, it is a great boon. Smileport shed in addition to providing electric and Plug-in Hybrid car electricity, also dwell in strength, according to FaBSCo, pointed out that the pressure resistance strength of Smileport can reach 38m s, wind speed (about 137km / h HR), also can withstand 40cm snow, can be said to be quite strong. The building of the shed is quite simple, just two workers took about two days to complete the construction of. FaBSCo Smileport launched a solar carport, has good structural design and exclusive electric vehicle charging base, sales and practical production after quite worth the wait. For the development of new energy, everyone is happy to see, and the Japanese FaBSCo company, boldly launched their own use of the solar carport, in addition to the integration of various electric vehicle factory, developed a suitable charging plug, also announced, at least a year shipments of more than 2000 sets of orders. Smileport solar carport, but also the integration of various electric vehicle factory, can according to consumer’s demand, the charging system configuration of different specifications. (charging for Nissan system) although the new energy efficiency benefits, but its power is often questionable, regardless of weather conditions, or is the sunlight angle and time and other factors, all of the solar panels set can affect effect, in addition, as well as the development of the high cost and the public acceptance of solar power, so the human to completely push clean new energy, will still have a long way to go. And more about the latest news of global energy saving and car factory, as well as the future will be introduced in the domestic related energy-saving products, U-CAR will continue to track the reader. Solar power benefits, but most people still have reservations about the efficiency of solar energy, to promote new energy is bound to have some way to go. High standard professional automotive news sent on time, you are the smartest choice! Welcome to pay attention to UCARCN相关的主题文章: