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The "story" China Xinpeng revealed "918 incident" antecedent – Sohu entertainment letter Peng decorated the Northeast Army Li De Bao Xinpeng will give Kawashima Yoshico a ticket to see the village event 918 Sohu entertainment news last night broadcast of Guizhou TV program "story" about new Chinese in strength, the young actor Xinpeng incarnation of the Northeast army Li Debao, through to turbulent, rampant warlords in 1931, revealed panorama of the history of the "918" incident broke out the real reason. It is reported that the strength of the actors Xinpeng had previously in the "story" of the May 4th Movement Chinese program as puppet battalion commander, police representatives two roles, and later in the "moon cakes uprising" program as the general longevity, it can be said is the "story" Chinese old friends. The acting is Xinpeng in the "village" 918 in the incarnation of the Northeast Army Li Debao, analysis of the "918 incident" antecedents, restore historical truth. Although the role play is not particularly large, it plays a very important role in the whole village incident. In the program, it is because Li Debao stole the spy watch to pawn, then the whole story revealed to Kawashima Yoshico, the Japanese Kwantung Army was attracted eager lit tracks on the wicker Lake northeast to the outbreak of the 918 invasion of explosives, incident. It can be said that the role played by Peng Peng Li Debao and even the history of China have had a profound impact. The power to send young actor Xinpeng in recent years in "my special camp" "soul ferry" (1, 2) "and many other hit series" yangko dance has a very wonderful performance. From the "Adorable soldier" Gao Yongzhi, workers Zhou Xiaohui played crazy yangko dance crazy, Xinpeng presents many roles for every kind of audience, and the audience are recognized. It is reported that Xinpeng is currently in Beijing "" mother cast tension in the shooting, the play is directed by legendary drama king "Guo Jingyu, Yu Yi, Zhang Shaohua screenwriter, Yue Lina, Shi Ke, Yang Kun, Liu Zhiyang, Xiao Yin, who starred in, with love as the theme, tells the story in the early years of the Republic of Shanxi as the background, tells the story of a the mother and five children’s story.   相关的主题文章: