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Dental-Care Nowadays cosmetic dentistry has be.e fashionable with improved techniques and materials in the dental field. A lot of people are taking advantage of this to add value to their smile by undergoing teeth whitening or any other type of cosmetic dentistry which is a process of enhancing the look of your teeth. Whether you need to consider it will depend on whether you have any of these problems with your teeth cavities or cracks, gaps between your teeth, irregular teeth, rough or chipped teeth, discolored or stained teeth, crooked or broken teeth. If you are thinking about opting for cosmetic dentistry you should bear in mind that it is an expensive affair and normally does not .e under dental insurance. Some treatments might well cost over a thousand dollars for a single tooth. You should make certain that you are able to meet the expenses as the treatment might have to be done again after a decade or so since some materials used do not have a very long life. Cosmetic dentistry covers several different services like teeth whitening, treatment for bad breath, porcelain veneers, crowns, fillings without metal, bridges and instantaneous orthodontics. If you wish to improve your smile, then cosmetic dentistry is your best bet. Of all the procedures in cosmetic dentistry, it is teeth whitening that is the most popular and .monly used as more and more people are getting increasingly conscious about how they look and how bright their smile is. As a result a lot of .panies have begun manufacturing teeth whitening products. There are a lot of choices available with a major chunk of these products and services being taken up by dentists and retailers. Until a few years back teeth whitening was confined to the dentists but as the industry grew and it was too costly for everyone to afford, home kits came into existence. A mixture of strawberries and baking soda is a cheap and quick way to enhance your smile before a special occasion or that job interview but you must bear in mind that you should not repeat the process before a week is up as it damages the enamel. Laser teeth whitening is carried out in salons where the patient’s gums are protected with a gum dam, a gel is applied on the teeth and a laser light is passed to activate it. The gel removes the stains and this can be achieved in less than an hour. The teeth get lighter by quite a few shades and the effect can last as long as a year and a half depending on whether the cause of the stains is reduced or eliminated. In other words, teeth whitening effect will last so long as you eliminate your bad habits of smoking or drinking coffee or tea in excess. But if you address these problems, it could last much longer. One plus point of laser teeth whitening is that you require only one visit to the dentist to get a noticeable difference in your teeth color. However, some cases might require extra laser treatment to reach the color that you are looking for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: