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The two generation car tasting Jianghuai stars Rui Shanghai region in November 6th, core power new experience — the two generation of the new Shanghai area Jianghuai stars Rui tasting was held in Shanghai million Jiabao Hill hall, can become the focus of attention. The event invited the Shanghai Wanjia Automobile Sales Co. Ltd. the first stars customers new and old customers and representatives to participate in the meeting also prepared a customer appreciation dinner, and presented the awards for its. Launch the two generation of Jianghuai Jianghuai stars Rui sharp launched gold power 2.0T+ gasoline version, 2.7CTI diesel version of the country’s five new products, to the core of new power upgrade, to build a high performance car full range of experience, establish a new benchmark for European multi-functional commercial vehicle, the Shanghai area has been demand multifunctional car market greatly it is a new choice to look forward to. Who won the game winning WeChat interactive prizes Shanghai Wanjia Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, JAC 4S shop, display sales, maintenance services, information feedback is one of the main to the vehicle, the stars Rui series, iEV series, Jianghuai refine. In 2012 won the Jianghuai Automobile Market Development Award, in 2013 won the annual growth rate of Jianghuai Automobile stars award. In 2014, he was awarded the "market breakthrough Award", "benchmarking demonstration Award" and "outstanding team award"". Guest service business, car sales is our sales philosophy, the implementation of modern enterprise management system, pay attention to their own image and connotation, sincerely provide quality licensing, inspection for customers, insurance, transfer, maintenance and customer service all in one service! The two generation of 2.0T+ gasoline powered launch of the stars Rui Gold Edition, 2.7CTI diesel version in five new products, with strong power, energy saving and environmental protection, technological progress, improve the quality and reliable operation, providing new car experience for the majority of multi-functional commercial vehicle users, set up the model of car industry. The two generation of double power in Jianghuai stars Rui launched five new products, to more advanced technology, to achieve further upgrade product strength and core components. Specifically, the new gold power system configuration, more fuel-efficient and strong in power at the same time more environmentally friendly, more reliable, high strength body 60%, and further realize the product quality protection, intelligent security system standard ABS+EBD+ reversing radar, but also for the running safety of the vehicle with a layer of safety. The two generation of Jianghuai stars Rui through technology upgrades to create five new products, new car will provide more perfect experience for the majority of the multi-functional commercial vehicle users in Shanghai area. Coupled with the unique market Jianghuai stars Rui 5 years 200 thousand kilometers long warranty, and global 24 hours of exclusive services, the core components of 24 hours to reach the mechanism and so on, to further ensure that the user is in the process of worry and convenience of car. It can be said that the Jianghuai stars Rui launched strong 2.7CTI 2.0T+ diesel gasoline engine, the new machine in China, not only let the user see the products and technical strength for the Jianghuai stars Rui, multi-functional commercial vehicle industry to establish a new benchmark value! Only the real product quality and experience at the same time to meet the car, the promotion of multi-functional commercial vehicle enterprises,.相关的主题文章: