The UAV flying hand secret arena a monthly income of twenty thousand be nothing difficult (video) coinwatch

The UAV flying hand secret arena: a monthly income of twenty thousand [be nothing difficult open bar language]IT industry has been the most revolutionary spirit in the 360 line, with the increasingly improvement of production tools, the producers of the occupation identity also emerge, "Tech people" by the rolling efficiency of traditional industries, the relations of production with the wisdom of remodeling, is used open the door to imagine future cultural diversification. Southern Metropolis Daily launched the "Tech new human" series, from the birth of a new occupation a glimpse of the future of the road, they may in the barbaric growth sometimes encounter no restrictions of any kind, touch the bottom line, cold and questioned, even hostile, but the wheel of history always toward correction, fusion, deepening, and into the future. If you see a man dressed in civilian clothes, Tan pure chocolate, a handheld remote controller overlooking the front — this is probably a drone pilot in the wilderness outside (commonly known as "flying hand"). Compared to CES, IFA and other manufacturers in the consumer electronics show various bright cool performances, fly the hand of their working environment occupation is generally in sparsely outside. Although with the UAV UAV flying hot hand has become a new "golden rice bowl", but in fact, compared with 100 thousand, domestic UAV sales in 2016 is expected to about 400 thousand professionals, AOPA, ASFC, obtain qualified UTC certification agency certificate "certificates" flying hands do not add up to 10 thousand people. One side is the blood of the sunrise industry, one side is the wild ecological industry, as a charged high speed flying machines, safety is always the UAV is not open around the topic, such as flying hands also like their kaijiangtuotu stragglers and disbanded soldiers. Nandu reporter recently in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hunan, Chenzhou and other places visited, aerial power inspection, plant protection and other fields of different flying hands, to understand how to see only a small part, the drone from a "toy", into a product of science and technology, and thus become a occupation. Aerial photography is the core of "beat" the art value is priced from Asha graduated from Guangzhou Fine Arts Institute has been doing photography, four years ago with the motion of the camera, to assemble their own UAV, and later with the birth of the brand set up its own studio to do aerial photography, he went to the Canton Tower reporter about Bupai a propaganda film footage, this is Guangdong the most commonly used lens. Small white security rules of professional people instead of doing things in the morning just seven days ago, the Nandu reporters and flying hand in a row on the Canton Tower. "8 a.m. -10 is the best time to get the best shot at this point." Asha says. There is a head hand team, an assistant is responsible for the equipment, as well as a coordinator, this is a standard task every time they. To the top of the tower, equipped with the material began to work. Ascha hand-held remote control a inspire1RAW God, another hand control PTZ camera angle, adjust the antenna signal to maintain patency, staring at the screen to know the lens tilt ascha effect at hand UAV tilt direction, from time to time for the range of Asha report. A few minutes after the film finished, Asha shouted "cut", the plane to return, assistant quick change new battery and travel. Because of God’s perspective with the naked eye UAV, asha.相关的主题文章: