The United States retail and PPI both less than expected gold was still selling pressure 97179

The United States retail and PPI both less than expected gold was still selling pressure Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Global foreign exchange September 16th hearing – Thursday (September 15th), the New York City, the United States announced a large number of economic data. US retail sales and PPI were less than expected, the dollar index fell more than 25 points, short-term support, spot gold Yangdarinei high of $1327.79 an ounce. But the Philadelphia fed manufacturing index is far better than expected, then fell sharply under a large number of selling pressure, sixth times since the seven trading day closing down. (spot gold hour chart source: global retail foreign exchange) and PPI both less than expected data showed U.S. August retail sales fell 0.3% monthly rate for March this year to shrink for the first time, also worse than market expectations, is expected to decline by 0.1%, before correction for growth of 0.1%, the initial flat; August core retail sales unexpectedly fell 0.1%, worse than market expectations, is expected to increase 0.2%. (source: U.S. retail sales rate of the seasonally adjusted U.S. Department of Commerce) Reuters commented that the U.S. August retail sales rate significantly less than expected, mainly due to a series of cars and other goods sales weak, that cool domestic demand in the United States, could further weaken the Fed rate hike is expected next week. After the data release, the Fed rate hike in September fell to 16% probability (previously 22%), the dollar index was three, refresh lows to 95.06, but then quickly recover the decline, because the market is also worried about the Fed’s wording change next week; it also attracted a short high in the big short gold. (source: FedWatch Chicago Institute) agency point of German commercial banks (Commerzbank) team of analysts also said that on the whole, the price of gold will remain under pressure in the short term, partly because investors expect prices have been at a very high level, and the other part of the reason is that financial market participants now did not feel any in particular fear, it is gold as a ‘safe haven’ asset demand tends to decline reason. Aas Lem, chief market analyst ThinkForex (Naeem Aslam) said, "the possibility of the Fed interest rate hike in September has no", but the fed to raise interest rates later this year may still be more than 50%. He added that if the Fed does not make it clear that the bank will track the performance of U.S. economic data, and will be based on economic data to take monetary policy action, then the price of gold will face the risk of further decline. He also said: "but now it seems the fundamentals of the economy are still not strong enough, and if the economic indicators continue to confirm this trend, then the gold market currently encountered selling may become an opportunity." NAB analyst Vyanne Lai said that although the market is currently expected to raise interest rates in September相关的主题文章: