Thirty-six year old Wowkie Zhang with the age of six years old, and the age of Zhang Hanyun, enterta-bloxorz

Thirty-six year old Wowkie Zhang and six year old Jay Chou and twenty-two year old Zhang Hanyun – Sohu have seen the entertainment mud adorable baby paper: Well, this kid was born in 2003 of 2008, he starred in the movie "very anchor", from yangmingliwan. Shall we talk about the film today? This story is a simple generalization, it can be said that the thirty-six year old Wowkie Zhang with the age of six years old, and the story of the age of twenty-two, the story of Zhang Hanyun. When the movie just on everybody thinks that romance is a cliche, but it is actually a grandfather, daughter, grandson of the story. Is the protagonist in the third time and five years older than his neighbor’s sister fell in love about a hair unable to restrain the emotions, did not expect a hit on, neighbor sister later gave birth to a daughter, but the male later leave the hometown as a radio presenter. FML… Third. Third Colin aircraft is still playing chicken. Later, the male dream, second album failed to do after radio presenter, lived a very easy single life, maintain good habits, nothing about a gun. There was a fire on the radio. He was a young single mother. Yes, her daughter was about to have a son and a son. And then he kept asking her to find her father. One day, he is ready to host a female slaves (I wipe what… I say) about guns, a home meal preparation, wine bath TT, when everything is ready, the daughter with a grandson to… Men haven’t slow over time, about the female anchor here, right he doesn’t know how to do, the boy ran out of the toilet pee… It was almost scared him urine. And then directly to the horny female anchor away. The man put her daughter and grandson also to go, but accept them. When the daughter to go to the radio in the singing contest, the boy and nobody can see ah, then going to kindergarten. Do not let everyone know that this is his grandson, then: the results of the kindergarten, the boy inherited grandpa’s talent, up went a little beauty, well of course, grandpa is not far behind: but there is no eggs, small beauty is a look at a white Formica, not him. He does not think he soil play: FML, because it doesn’t give a shit grandson to the younger sister, when grandpa can endure? Then also publicly played a Hungarian Dance, directly conquered white rich beauty: grandson also help Grandpa inquire about the news: This is beautiful, this piece of the line, how there are other men at the age of thirty-three with his son-in-law, a burden is to lay out the film, with a warm start magazine to nest.相关的主题文章: