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This creeping mat hidden dangers, your baby in the use of it? – environmental protection – People’s original title: This creeping mat hidden dangers, your baby in use? The recall of the German children crawling pad. Due to the existence of small parts cushion problems, Nantong Mingde plastic limited company to the Quality Supervision Bureau of Jiangsu province filed a recall plan, recall of children’s crawling pad manufacturing part of October 2013 to November 2013 period from now onwards (Mingde Traffic Puzzle mats), the number of affected areas, China mats 7488 packs. Recall > > small parts storage mats Mingde children crawling pad the recall hazard, specifications for 30cm× 30cm× 1cm, the assembly components of pad part of the pattern is too small, the abuse before testing the existence of small parts, may cause children swallowing or inhaling small parts caused by the danger of suffocation. For the recall within the scope of the pad, Nantong Ming Tak Plastics Co., Ltd. will take the return and full refund, or free replacement for the equivalent of the pad. Consumers through the German customer service hotline: 0513-66909061, to further understand the situation, you can also log in Jiangsu province defective product management technology center website (), for more information. In addition, consumers can also call the Jiangsu defective product management technology center hotline: 025-52412987, reflecting the implementation of the recall process problems, or submit defects clues. A lot of baby’s family, will give the baby to prepare a crawling mat for baby activities, play, you know? Child safety hazards pad is not just a small part, the Jiangsu provincial quality supervision departments have on children’s mats had risk monitoring, in the detection of 120 batches of samples, 46 batches of samples found toxic substances in formamide content exceeded the limit value, in addition to the flame retardant and other aspects is also worrying. How to choose "PE" and "EVA materials have advantages and disadvantages in the market the Yangtze Evening News reporter visits found that currently on the market of children’s mats are divided into two types, one is segmented, and the other is a mat complete. From the material point of view, the main polyethylene (PE) and ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) two categories. PE and EVA what kind of material is good? Quality inspection experts said, in general, the splicing of the mat is mostly EVA material, and the integrity of a large cushion are PE material. Two kinds of materials of children’s pad texture has a soft, resilient and so on. However, in the monitoring found that the project is a PE superscalar samples are EVA material, and in the combustion performance test, there is a greater potential safety hazard pad. In addition, the color is too bright for children to use the pad of paint, ink is often more, relatively high levels of migration elements may be, should be careful to buy. On the opening of the new pad, may be appropriate for a period of time of drying, which can accelerate the evaporation of solvent residue. At the same time, it is best to remove some volatile chemical pollutants. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: