This week the rainy weather increases the temperature rise has big cold on the road-tencent upd

This week the rainy weather increases the temperature rise large cold wave has hit the road at 10 yesterday morning, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a blizzard warning blue, but this is the land of the north across the snow. The North under the snow, Zhejiang is like spring back to the night. The sun light, breeze. This week, the cold wave disappeared, began warming up. Rainy weather this week but not just accounted for the protagonist cumulative rainfall over the weekend, the temperature is not low, the body feels comfortable, there is rain in want of perfection. The boring rain, from the night began to yesterday. In the southwest of Zhejiang Province, especially in Quzhou, the rain is more obvious. The temperature in Quzhou is also a little lower than that in other areas because of the rain. Enhanced by warm air and low shear effects, on the eve of yesterday morning, in most areas of Hangzhou, rainfall, but rainfall is generally less than 1 mm. The weather has not yet officially winter, this is the natural rain rain. That autumn everlasting, this week will be fulfilled. The storm is expected to last for a long time. According to the Zhejiang provincial meteorological station analysis, the next 9 days, the province will increase the rainy weather this afternoon, tomorrow morning, Zhejiang South region of precipitation is obvious; 16-18 province mainly cloudy with light rain sometimes, 19 day and night to 20, the province has a rainfall process. Hangzhou Municipal Meteorological Observatory is expected to affect the strong southwest warm air flow, upper trough, low level wind speed convergence, so this week the rainy weather mostly, but the accumulated rainfall is. Small fluctuations in temperature rise daily highest temperature 16 to 22 DEG C cubujifang southwest wind blowing all over the country, all this to thank the subtropical high. I heard this wave to continue strong subtropical high down, lasts for more than a week. This means that although under a light rain, but this week’s temperature is the United States and the United States, people can not help but want to point a praise. According to meteorological monitoring in Zhejiang province since October 28th, the increase of the cold air activities in our province, our province from the early stage of high temperature, cloudy and drizzly weather is less sunny and rainy weather, temperatures near normal (slightly lower in early November the average annual temperature of around 14 in general to 16 DEG C.). As of 4 pm yesterday, the highest temperature during the day in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, to the temperature of 19 degrees Celsius, the southeast coastal area of 25 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius, other regions of 20 degrees Celsius to 23 degrees celsius. Highest in Wenzhou Taishun 26.8 degrees C. Hangzhou yesterday the highest temperature of 21 degrees. The temperature rise is expected this week, today South and southeast coastal areas 21 C to 23 C, 18 C and 20 C in other areas. 18-19, most of the province’s highest temperature can rise to 22 degrees Celsius to 24 degrees celsius. Hangzhou small partners look over! Hangzhou meteorological observatory said that due to the lack of a wide range of cold air, the temperature fluctuations this week, the minimum temperature of 13 degrees Celsius in the week to 16 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature of 16 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees celsius. Overall, the temperature is pleasant. As rain Xiaoxiao is a game, an umbrella, walking in the drizzle, not a good mood. The 18 day to the 24 day big freeze temperature may only 3-6 degrees but after all in November, the already, subtropical high and Arctic vortex, the two representatives of air forces in the BOSS, has been more and more tense, there is a word not just open posture,.相关的主题文章: