Three points of attention after the Italy earthquake in Central coinwatch

6 earthquake in central Italy after the three major concerns – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Italy, August 24 ricse amate (hotspots q) 6 earthquake in central Italy after the three major concerns Wang Xingqiao Xinhua News Agency reporter Lorna Ge morning local time 24 days at 3:36 in the morning, the central region of Italy occurred 6 earthquake, the earthquake still there are aftershocks from time to time. What happened in the earthquake? How the earthquake personnel and property losses? What progress has been made in the local rescue operation? What happened to the earthquake? Italy in the earthquake zone, the earthquake has occurred many times in history. The earthquake occurred at the junction of central Italy, Lazio, Umbria and Marche area, 170 km from Rome, from the 2009 earthquake in L’Aquila but 100 km. The most affected is the province of Rieti, amatrice, accumoli and Perugia province just. The earthquake epicenter is located in Norcia, Italy volcano earthquake bureau was measured at 6 magnitude, focal depth of 4.2 km, 60 aftershocks have occurred within 4 hours after the earthquake, the maximum magnitude of 5.5. Many towns in the disaster area is built and built, has a long history, beautiful scenery, these towns may be severely damaged in the earthquake. Local residents are not many, but due to the summer, the number of foreign tourists may be a large number of local tourists. How the earthquake personnel and property losses? Earthquake occurred in the early morning of 24, most people are still asleep, the majority of the local construction of the old buildings, seismic rating is not high. Italy civil defense Bureau confirmed that the earthquake has caused 73 people were killed and injured there is no specific statistical figures. Many people are still under the rubble waiting for rescue, trapped and missing the number of people is difficult to statistics. Amath in cutting mayor Perozzi told local media, amatrice has been razed to the ground, severely damaged infrastructure, power outages, people waiting for rescue in the rubble. Landslides can be seen everywhere, and many bridges are crumbling…… Xinhua News Agency reporter saw in amatrice earthquake scene, rolled down the mountain stone hit the vehicle, the fence; still suffering from the shock for residents and visitors to carry baggage from the disaster area on foot or bike downhill; has been a helicopter circled overhead…… Disaster relief progress? Amatrice local hospital has been unable to normal operation, some of the injured in hospital door open, seriously injured were transferred to other areas of the hospital. The only safe building in the area was used as a temporary rescue station. Because there is the risk of aftershocks, a large rescue equipment parked in amatrice City, did not enter the core of the field. There is a fire truck in the blockade line and more than 10 firefighters in the rescue work. Dozens of anxiously waiting for the families and 10 home media were placed outside the blockade. Italy’s prime minister Ferenczi in amatrice to disaster area in Rome held a press conference, he said thank you to all the rescue workers, he said: "(HIT) each and every family, we will never give up, at present, our primary task is to save." Italy civil defense Bureau library.相关的主题文章: