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"Time" person of the year: Wikileaks founder A-Sun, ranking second in the "time" magazine person of the year award in the network, as of 24, India’s prime minister Narendra modi in the lead, the vote was 11%, followed by the WikiLeaks site founder Julian Assange, 9% of the vote. A week earlier A-Sun odd lead. Tied for third of the United States was elected president Donald ·, President of Russia and Russia, President ·,, Putin, the vote was 8% (). Modi at the beginning of the month announced a new currency, the old version of 500 rupees (about 50.5 yuan) and 1000 rupees (101 yuan) note 9 from at 0:00 on the cessation of circulation of the new version, the move sparked controversy in china. "WikiLeaks" continues to release Democrat Hilary · in the US campaign, "black material" by Mr Clinton and his senior aides". Trump: the mainstream media, was elected the next president of the United states. Putin has been acting in international politics for over a year. "Time" magazine every year to select the annual figures, in accordance with the rules, by the time of the editor of the final selection of the annual figure. These characters, whether good or bad, are determined only by their influence on the present and future. Network selection reflects the public judgment, voting deadline is December 4th. Annual figures announced on December 7th. "Time" person of the year last year is Angela · Merkel, to praise her to play in the European debt crisis and the refugees and immigrants, the role of the crisis in Ukraine. (Xinhua Xia Wenhui) [micro].相关的主题文章: