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Internet-Marketing The web is filled with hundreds of sites, which offer cash, rewards, gifts for taking surveys. The surveys are often simple and targeted at .mon man. And their are millions of web surfers who think that taking Paid Surveys is a very good and easy way to make some money. Well, there is only little truth in this. Not all paid survey sites are genuine. Their are a few who do pay to their subscribers for taking the surveys. It takes certain research and experience to find this sites. Proper planning and perseverance can help in your quest to make money through this route. A few tips can surely help in this quest. Firstly, you should make an email account with a good email website. Ensure that you have sufficient space available on the site. Also check that the mails received from the Paid Survey sites are not blocked or labeled as spam by the email service provider. Always use this email to subscribe to Paid Survey sites. The next step is to find genuine Paid Survey sites. Surf the web and try to find a site, which is in the business of paid surveys for considerable amount of time. Read the testimonials of its subscribers. Also a good site would have tie-ups with payment sites like Pay Pal to facilitate easy transfer of payments. Also these sites may require you to pay a one time or annual registration fee. Read the conditions related to this carefully. To be on safe side, surfers who are new to this should start with either one or two sites. Never send your registration fee or any other payment through cash. Also, if paying by credit card, ensure that the site has proper security certificates from .panies like Verisign. Surf the site and carefully read the legal disclaimers, terms and conditions. Often paid survey .panies mention Guaranteed Payments. They may also display document images as proofs. Many of this are fake claims or proofs. Beware of such sites. Such a site would also fake subscriber testimonials. Once you are subscribed to a paid survey website, fill the surveys with interest and true data. Remember if subscribers don’t fill genuine data in the survey forms, the consumer .panies (who finally use the data) would get incorrect information. They would eventually stop paying the Paid Survey websites and that only would hit you. Lastly keep in mind that there is no free lunch. Stay alert of the changing terms and conditions on the site. Keep checking for the site reviews on various forums. If you are alert, there would never be a fraud or scam and you would keep making money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: