Titan 2 praised the sales lost super cold rice sunny came home

"Titan 2" praised the sales lost super cold rice titanfall 2 area of EA’s "FPS masterpiece Titan 2 (Titanfall 2)" has been released, but the work situation is a little embarrassing to know, before the "battlefield 1" after the "call of duty 13 unlimited the war", but the sale of bad enough in this time of this works is expected sales directly to the research company CC cut. From the current point of view some available data, "2" the market performance titanfall maybe really let the crow mouth CC said in the. Although the "quality" of the Titan 2 won the major game media praise, but not necessarily in the applause popular in both the EA and Respawn of "Titan 2" sales are not the end. From the GfK Chart-Track statistics just released, offering a few days only in the UK sales charts Fourth "Titan 2" does not perform as well as expected: a behind his rival "battlefield 1" can be understood, but the sales lost from the beginning was released for the super cold meal Tucao "the Elder Scrolls: 5 the special edition" and has been on sale for five weeks "FIFA 17" will make people feel helpless. In addition, foreign media GamesIndustry also put "Titan 2" of the sales in the same period and had to first "Xbox One" escort titanfall were compared, results showed that sales of only the original sequel to 1/4 in the same period, and this is the sequel to launch PS4 and PC version of the result. If EA is unable to reverse this work around it, then perhaps we really want to see works only for market reasons and the destruction of the embarrassing situation. (source: ali213 editor: DY) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: