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Tmall double eleven 35 billion 300 million 1 hours, rolling all records of geeks Park micro signal: geekpark knew that Tmall double eleven 35 billion 300 million 1 hours, rolling all records for the past four years double eleven all day long transactions data: 2012 19 billion 100 million, 2013 35 billion, 2014 57 billion 100 million, 2015 91 billion 200 million. This year, Tmall double eleven opening 52 seconds after the transaction has exceeded 1 billion yuan, faster than last year nearly 20 seconds, 6 minutes and 58 seconds of turnover over 10 billion, 1 hours after the transaction amounted to 35 billion 300 million, up to 02:30:20, Tmall turnover of over 50 billion yuan, the wireless terminal transactions accounted for more than 83.72%. Zero 9 minutes and 39 seconds, Alipay paid peak reached 120 thousand seconds, 1.4 times last year, again to refresh their own record of world record payment. As of 2:30, trading volume broke 50 billion…… Look at the transaction from the industry, clothing, beauty appliances, such as mobile phone, Tmall has become the absolute advantage of category. Same as in previous years, this year’s hottest commodity is still the phone. In the top 6 sales in the store, there are 4 major mobile phone sales. Just 30 minutes later, the glory, millet, Meizu, four hundred million yuan turnover, these shops again soon break two hundred million, then three hundred million…… By 1:30 in the morning, more than 3000 yuan is Apple’s world, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus’s top three; more than 2000 yuan in the market, millet new flagship Note 2 champion, glory glory 8 flagship ranked third; competitive 1500 yuan stalls, Charm Blue Max, 5S and millet Max2 became the top three. In addition, Tmall clothing opening 1 hours, breaking billion businesses have been 10. It took only 2 minutes and 53 seconds to break billion yuan, a record again, becoming the fastest breaking 100 million brand clothing. Tmall beauty only 1 hours and 3 minutes to reach $1 billion 700 million, over two years ago, the first 8 hours of sales of 11. Tmall electric city only 36 seconds to break billion sales. 54 minute sales exceeded 5 billion; it is worth noting that the first 10 minutes, accounted for 92% of the mobile payment, the payment has been basically completed the transfer from the PC to the mobile terminal. You can imagine how many people are using a mobile phone in the hand chop. In addition, the balance of treasure payment accounted for 18%, it spent payment accounted for 29%. Comments: this carnival and how much you contribute, or that you just wake up early to see the lively? 11, the advent of Alibaba, Jingdong, Amazon shares fell sharply in the consumer today ushered in the annual "double 11" Shopping Festival, however相关的主题文章: