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To help the country foot? The 4 main suspended Lippi practices the attack – Sohu news Beijing time on November 4th, FIFA’s official website announced the decision to Qatar four players penalties, four players including defender Hassan, for violation of sports ethics respectively was suspended, certainly missed the November 15th Chinese away with the team. For the upcoming coach of the country’s first show of Lippi, this is undoubtedly a good news. In the recent training, Lippi also focused on creating offensive combinations. The four main total suspended 9 encounter FIFA suspended four players of Qatar were Hassan, Abdulrahman, Abdullah and Muff Tagg. Chinese fans for Hassan must not strange, at the beginning of the Asian Cup group phase U22 Fu Bo team to rely on Liao Lisheng’s free kick was 1 to 0 lead Qatar, Hassan after almost one director of a major reversal, led the team to 3 to 1 victory over Chinese. He is the four player in Qatar by the most severe punishment, the total received a 3 game suspension. Abdulrahman, Abdullah and Muff Tagg, the three players have been suspended for 2 games, Abdulrahman started all 4 games in the group in the 12 race of the Qatar race, is the absolute main team. The other two players are Qatar’s main rotation players, these players can not play, from any point of view is conducive to the national foot four. Conflict between Qatar and Iran team led to the Qatar four players were suspended. The cause of Qatar four players suspended top 12 season opener against Iran game, then the game of Qatar in the final two Liandiu ball 0 to 2 defeat, the final two massive conflict. According to the broadcast screen display, the first is the abuse of a Iran home court staff Qatar coach carreo, lit Qatar players anger, both in pushing the escalating conflict. A Iran player, then make a "movement" of Qatar striker Sebastian, two people immediately beatings, almost caused a two players collective brawl, game or interrupted for 6 minutes. In the process of conflict, the Qatar four players are serious violations of sports moral behavior, and ultimately FIFA after 2 months of investigation about the ban made for the four players. Lippi hands-on training in November 4, 2016, Yunnan Kunming, 2018 World Cup Asian zone 12 race forward, national football training Haigeng base second. The game is Fabio Lippi and Qatar National Football debut this Monday afternoon, Lippi announced the 25 man roster, beginning in November 3rd, the national team in Kunming Haigeng base became the first training session. Lippi did not have the adjustment and recovery, but a "the real thing" technical and tactical drills. This is the first time Lippi has carried the full team in the national team. From the beginning of the training ground, Lippi and assistants are a kind of calm input. Lippi personally put training props, and to measure the position between the props, and later also personally experience the feeling of the ball. 4 afternoon of training, in the.相关的主题文章: