To please the lover of bribery about 4000000 industry wide group of former depu candy boy

To please the lover of bribery about 4000000       industry wide group of former deputy chief jailed for 11 years — public opinion channel — original title: Miss please lover bribery about 4000000 broad industry group deputy general jailed for 11 years for a young feeling, 30 years after the meeting was rekindled. Marriage can not give each other a result, can only use the position to help her earn more money." Guangdong Guangye Assets Management Co., former deputy general manager Li Heping to sit in the dock. Yesterday, the court sentenced Li Heping to 11 years in prison and fined $2 million to bribery, bribery and sentenced to imprisonment for 4 years, and fined $300 thousand. Li Heping said it would appeal, Ma Yue said to consider. Passion again 30 years later became lovers Li Heping was born on December 1956 in Inner Mongolia Baotou, in 1972, just over 16 years old to the province in the Anglo German heavy machine tool plant to work as an apprentice. In the same group there was a Hebei girl named Ma Yue who was one year older than li. The disclosure of information, the girl was born to a family of intellectuals, Li Heping dark feelings, but two years later, Li Heping was seconded to go, two people lost contact with their families. This is 30 years. July 2003, the same year the machine tool factory workers and colleagues, launched the "thirty years later, we meet again" activities, Li Heping and Ma Yue to meet again. At this time, Li Heping is the general manager of Guangdong province techrich group, Jiuyi Ma Yue He to tell his own feelings, two people from the development of an affair. Li Heping sacked in May 2014, and the relationship between the horse and the joy of the relationship has been maintained to the incident of Li Heping. Both sides said not to send the money mistress bribery involving Li Heping said, "because of their feelings for years because of marriage I can not give each other a result, only using his position to help her make more money." In reality, Li Heping for the acquisition of real estate Ma Yue, daughter to study abroad to help, but also to help Ma Yue set up the company. In August 2004, the province, group and Industry under the broad enterprise merger, by Li Heping of Guangdong provincial industry wide electronic machinery industry group (hereinafter referred to as the "group") chairman. In 2005, Li Heping used his position to facilitate the requirements under the three car stores for the new licensing business to Ma Yue company. In March of the same year, Ma Yue established Guangzhou Runtong service limited company, to undertake the auto shop all business card. In 2006, Li Heping introduced Ma Yue met the former general manager of Guangzhou battery factory Xiemou, Ma Yue Xie Chenghua company was founded in Hongkong, accounting for 50% of the shares. Li Heping contributed to the machinery group and Chenghua company, the company paid Chenghua Machinery Group 30% advance, machinery group in the territory of the battery, buy accessories and full payment, the company collected payment after Chenghua bank interest payment, the remaining payment, so as to make use of Chenghua machinery group company funds to carry out business, save a lot of business cost. At the end of 2012, Ma Yue from Chenghua company, the settlement got $440 thousand, she gave)相关的主题文章: