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To the silver case portrait: I am not immortal can not CCTV interview Zhang Xin video screenshot. Three portraits of Zhang Xin wanted for the silver case. In the dialogues Zhang Xin 56 years old, Shanghai Railway Public Security Bureau of criminal technology senior engineer, Ministry of public security of the first eight special forensic experts, engaged in simulated portrait of 34 years, he took the simulated portrait craft as polished in criminal circles "magic brush" said. In the silver serial rape murder case, in 2002, Zhang Xin as an expert on the Ministry of public security organization, the suspect was simulated portrait. Recently circulated on the Internet three suspects portrait, it came from the hands of Zhang Xinzhi. According to media reports, the Spring Festival in 2001, a silver factory night shift when the mother came home and found someone trailing. When the woman opened the door to respond quickly, turned the trailing man out of the door, but found the person in the window at her smile. Until her husband came home workers, the man is still in the window in a strange way. This is a case of attempted analysis of the silver local police focus, three suspects from the portraits of several witnesses only by mouth portray. "Silver case ultimately rely on the modern science and technology, if it is the murderer, escape for so many years." Zhang Xin said that modern technology will spread to the camera simulated portrait as a traditional high streets and back lanes, the investigation has been no small impact, he sometimes lost. However, compared with his work, he is more willing to see the progress of technology to improve the detection rate. "After the three sack of files, the heart is cold" Beijing News: how do you add to the silver serial homicide in? Zhang Xin: at the beginning of April 2002, I was transferred to the Ministry of public security of Qinghai in Xining to assist investigators, after a series of local rape murder. Two provinces (Qinghai and Gansu) close, silver at the middle, Xining case after silver group also told me to portrait. Beijing News: what is the situation after the silver? Zhang Xin: the case is not good, more difficult. I asked the task force to show me the survey volume and the site survey. Look at me silly, a full three sacks full of. I wanted to get on the suspect’s height, age and other information from the inside, even traces also, look down the heart is cold, almost no witnesses. Beijing News: how to draw? Zhang Xin: local task force combing similar attempted cases, there is a case and the case may be the same person in the crime. Before they ask the psychological experts to do the test, visited witnesses, analysis, and finally concluded that psychological experts can not rule out, do not dare to identify". Because there are no other clues, let me draw the ad hoc. I asked why after more than a year to let me draw? The original information is not smooth at the time, silver handling conditions are not good, they thought of the portrait, please a good local art professor. I am not a fairy, there is no way, the Beijing News: the online spread of the three portraits were painted? Zhang Xin: a reference to a year ago, witnesses described the text records, and witnesses to ask, the time interval of more than 1 years, witnesses are vague memories. Before painting, I feel bad. Within 3 days of the incident, the portrait was the best, the witness was fresh and had no interference. The police asked the number of times, witnesses involuntarily相关的主题文章: