Today the winter, secretly tell you what to eat to the pinnacle of life! – Sohu to eat and drink (vi

Today the winter, secretly tell you what to eat to the pinnacle of life! Sohu and temperature will drop the cold wind blows wrapped in a heavy coat to be caught off guard or shivering to eat cold that can not eat meat soft boiled rotten mutton and mutton soup reeky is enough to make most of the longing so we chowhound has come "big pot" mentioned at mutton dishes I think it – but the mouth still want to try some fresh chowhound day slaughter the goat meat knife cut boiled water pot add onion ginger pepper and red dates. Stew for half an hour is hot on the table at first glance which is usually stewed mutton no different from the nose can smell mutton mixed sweet soup color red dates have also become pale white milk spoon touch can feel the tender lamb to eat a mouth is delicate and fragrant and soft mutton better chew nor mutton The smell of common soup is cooked out of sweet sticky gum coriander flavor into the soup spoon down from the mouth to the stomach warm meat to eat almost the same secret weapon will debut full of northeast yellow millet to mutton soup in fall gently stir the millet slowly began to water the mutton soup millet. This combination is really rare this soup looks simple but full of taste of fresh mutton soup and millet incense together entrance warm still can bite to some sheep diced this bowl of high taste value Yan foot feeling after drinking Millet Congee embarked on a "life the peak" "northeast snap bean" bean at northeast is a special kind of bean contains a lot of protein amino acids and dietary fiber of pork cook in soy pot add oil and stir fry potatoes in beans A small fire slowly stew out after fragrant oil beans taste salty and spicy taste good PowerPhone pork fat absorption becomes very oily without chewy ribs nip feel tender inside Cephalostachyum soft rotten potatoes are popular and have to taste the color Zonghong northeast bacon pie eating bacon fat but not greasy with special sauce and thin onion and two freshly grilled yellow pancake bite distinct taste rich makes belly bulging mood cheerup – northeastern dishes two or three – Name: Northeast bacon pie address: Zhengzhou City East Road East Road intersection south 30 meters: 30-50 yuan per capita consumption – director | black – camera | Wei the Andy Xiangxiang delicacy original, reproduced please contact the authorized "background recommended" the people’s livelihood Tesco Authentic Wenxian County tiegun, can buy the stamp above – fresh and authentic northeast Island organic rice, you can buy the stamp above more popular delicacy 1 a seemingly low-key shops, hiding a lot of people want to taste the fresh 2 a look ugly in appearance of the old, why does anyone want to taste the taste is said to be 3 the closest Xinjiang flavor restaurant is not authentic, need to verify how the 4 chowhound spend only 2 dollars, is to eat cakes to uncover the layers of fire 5 after more than and 180 days, finally tasted a bowl worthy!相关的主题文章: