Top Five Bands Beginning With

Music If you have ever been sitting around with little else to do, you may have suddenly asked yourself: "Who are the best five bands beginning with the letter F?" Should that be the case, this article is perfect answer to that question. If, however, you have never thought of asking yourself that, then you have clearly never had a boring job! Either way, this article brings you the definitive list of bands beginning with F for you to listen to with immediate effect. So get reading and start listening! Funeral For A Friend: Being half Welsh and a fan of all things guitar, it would be a crime for me not to name Funeral For A Friend as one of my top five bands beginning with F. The five-piece first came to my attention through the NME (yes, I’m as shocked as you), but I set about searching for material to listen too. Having come across some demos and live recordings, it was only with the debut album – Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation – that their true potential shone through. Somewhat regretfully, their follow-up albums have been something of a disappointment, with a tendency to over-produce watering down the rawness that first grabbed my attention. Fort Minor: Music fans will be aware of Mike Shinoda as the ‘other’ voice and songwriter for the all-conquering Linkin Park. It is with Fort Minor, however, that Shinoda takes centre-stage, producing a superb album in The Rising Tied that showcases his rap and hip-hop sensibilities. Finch: In a similar vein to Funeral For A Friend, Finch were one of those bands who I took a gamble on with little information. Once again, my initial instincts proved to be correct (I won’t mention the times they haven’t), and the album What It Is To Burn raced to the top of my playlist at the drop of the hat. This heavy, yet hugely melodic, album is full of memorable tracks, with the title song and Letters To You the undoubted highlights. Filter: Robert Patrick may well have been in Terminator 2 and The X Files, but it is his brother Richard who, for me at least, has the more talent. After leaving his post as guitarist in Nine Inch Nails, Patrick has gone on to create a number of exceptional albums with Filter. It is probably Title Of Record that is the most accessible, with the song Take A Picture surely the best ever written about being drunk and naked on an airplane! Foo Fighters: The exponents of the perfect rock single may not have created a truly excellent album since The Colour And The Shape, but the ability of Dave Grohl to produce four minutes of aural excellence is guaranteed. Having no doubt learnt an infinite amount from Kurt Cobain during his time behind the drums in Nirvana, the songwriting prowess of Grohl is evident in spades on such memorable hits as Everlong, Best Of You and The Pretender. If the band could produce one more truly great record, they will go down among the best of all time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: