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Travel | rediscovered Taiwan Nanzhuang Tourism – Sohu morning breakfast for our boss, slowly eat breakfast and boss chat, nice! I guess he doesn’t remember what he had drunk with us last night. I always get up early, can slowly eat breakfast yesterday, a lot of people are drunk, today not to abandon, so a lot of people eat breakfast, I ate only one after another down to eat breakfast, I will take this time to pat the day lily of the villa, and the owner of Say goodbye. [coffee] Lotus Hill Gallery Business Hours: Saturday, Sunday and holiday 10:00~18:00 (without reservation) on weekdays only accept more than 20 groups (without prior appointment) address: Penglai province Taiwan Miaoli County Township Village Nanzhuang 9 adjacent 42 number 8 for reference: half of the people who know me know that I am a love to drink coffee and coffee shops, so the next to the place was like a gift to me. Furong Mountain coffee, a flat 4500 large garden coffee shop, located in Nanzhuang Taiwan township of Miaoli County, which is so beautiful so beautiful so beautiful, we all say that if this trip is arranged in front of a few days, we will not go, some more than a little. Usually we understand that the coffee shop is in the bustling city, and the mountains are open in the mountains, 4500 flat area is almost full of all kinds of flowers, is simply Alice wonderland. This is the first coffee house in Miaoli Nanzhuang mountain, opened in more than and 10 years ago, at that time the coffee shop will only appear in foreign countries, said that after the opening of lotus hill in Taiwan caused a great sensation, even thousands of people queuing in the rain. The boss called Weng Meizhen, more than and 20 years ago she was studying abroad to study finance, returned to Taiwan after a while engaged in the financial industry, then do not give up love their profession, she began to learn gardening, then a get out of hand, she would regularly go abroad to learn knowledge of gardening, flowers imported from abroad, Hibiscus in every tree and bush are she is personally take care of, here is not open, then a friend persuaded her to open, but also very capricious just a weekend open Monday to Friday, she had to wait on her flowers and grass, today this is not a business day, the United States has hosted our sister jane. In a corner of the garden there is a cottage garden, this is the sister Jane house, and she and her friends drink tea and chat place. There is a room in the middle of the main coffee shop, a half floor than the ground, she and another friend dug out, did not find the construction team dug. I asked her to keep these flowers difficult? Is there a headache? She said, of course, that is the pest, Taiwan side of the climate and the reasons in addition to the mountains, too many insects, in addition to the insects do not clean, in order to this day she will spend a lot of time. Although this is a sad thing, but in the United States Jane’s sister’s face but did not see the sad face is still happy. I admire Mei Mei, a woman to raise their own children, the children are now working independently, she was in a coffee shop, one or two months a year to travel abroad,.相关的主题文章: