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Business Within large manufacturing plants it is imperative to maintain a workforce schedule that ensures all in-house resources are positioned ideally for full operational efficiency. However, one of the problems faced by contemporary manufacturing plant managers is that they face multiple challenges, leaving them with insufficient time to respond to the need for a highly organized workforce schedule. That’s why many .panies are now turning to automated work schedule programs such as those created by the schedule optimizing software designed by Tugboat Software. Tugboat Software is one of the industry’s leading providers of work schedule programs that enable their clientele across North American to succeed in meeting their business goals. One of the keys to the success of the .pany’s solutions is the fact that they’re technology is the Progress Software Open Edge development platform. This platform provides clientele a low cost of ownership for business applications that can be rapidly implemented and easily linked with legacy systems across an extended enterprise including internet access for superb seamless use. Beginning in 1996, Tugboat Software has gone on to be.e a key partner to many of North America’s leading manufacturing organizations by providing their Schedule Optimizing Software [SOS]. SOS is an automated labor scheduling platform that meets many of the workforce management requirements of modern manufacturing .panies. One of the needs of such .panies is the ability to reallocate labor resources on short term notice. The challenge therefore is to assign employees with multiple skills in jobs where they can be most effective in sustaining on-going productivity. The inherent power of Tugboat Software’s SOS is based on its rules-based engine. This engine is tailored to conform to the specific work rules and labor policies that are unique to each facility. It therefore provides management with a workforce schedule that has been designed around the needs of the operation as a whole. The engine prioritizes all of the in-house workforce management objectives within a codified system of scheduling rules and policies. These objectives typically include reducing the labor cost of manufacturing, reducing the number of temporary workers, eliminating un-needed overtime, and resolving job assignment conflicts based on seniority, employee preferences and requests. SOS automatically tracks employee qualifications, employee job and shift preferences, training history and absences providing .prehensive reporting that ensure management has a birds-eye-view of all the critical data related to staff placement. Once this data has been collected and processed by the scheduling engine it automatically generates labor schedules while enforcing the specific policies and rules that management built into the system. One of the great advantages for using such a system for efficient workflow is that the SOS engine has the flexibility to create schedules for a range of unique scenarios such as weekend and holiday scheduling, furlough periods and re-hires. This means manufacturing organizations can maintain a .prehensive and predictable solution for workflow that seamlessly aligns with their workforce needs, thus empowering long-term efficiency. For work schedule programs that are designed for you .anization’s most pressing workflow demands, contact the team at Tugboat Software today. About Tugboat Software: Tugboat Software specializes in workforce management with a focus on labor scheduling. Tugboat’s Schedule Optimizing Software aims to automate your labor scheduling and put the right person in the right job at the right time. For more information, please visit Labor-Scheduling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: