Twitter will hold a board meeting on Thursday to discuss the sale of the company visualboyadvance

Twitter will hold a board meeting on Thursday or discuss the sale of the company Recode Chinese station on September 7th reported that the summer of Twitter silence or will soon end. The social networking company’s board of directors will meet in San Francisco on Thursday to discuss a number of issues. According to sources, one of the issues to be discussed at the board meeting is the fate of Twitter as an independent company. Allegedly, the board will discuss the sale of Twitter, but the problem is that they are hard to find buyers Twitter. If the board is to discuss selling Twitter issues, it would be not at all surprising, after all, in the past few months, Twitter has been the object of acquisition and merger of the many rumors, but each similar rumors will pull the Twitter shares rose, because investors have reason to hope that Twitter can be a suitable buyer. Allegedly, there may have been some big companies more closely with Twitter, such as Google (micro-blog) (sources Google hopes Twitter will become part of Alphabet media services), and even the media tycoon Rupert apple · Murdoch (Rupert Murdoch). According to rumors, Murdoch may wish to buy Fawkes through Twitter or news group in twenty-first Century. In addition, others may want to bid for Twitter also includes some want to let the company private private assets of the company, in this way, can let the Twitter get rid of those problems of public concern. Although Twitter’s leadership has long said they want the company to remain independent, but members of the company co-founder and director of the Evan · Williams (Evan Williams) after the recent remarks about selling Twitter seems to be more reasonable. Williams in 2010 by · (Dick Costolo) before replacing, has served as CEO of Twitter. (however, Costello was co-founder Jack · Dorsey and substitution, Dorsey had also been replaced by Williams.) It sounded like a soap opera, and Williams asked for more. Last week, Williams told Bloomberg that, in terms of the future as an independent company, Twitter need to consider the right plan". Although most of the directors, Williams’s remarks are relatively moderate, but this does not prevent the Twitter share price rose by nearly 6% of the situation due to the stimulation of these remarks. However, in view of the estimated cost of Twitter, it is not easy to find a suitable buyer for the company. If in accordance with the recent LinkedIn Microsoft to $26 billion acquisition method to calculate, then, buyers want to buy Twitter, may need to spend about $18 billion. This price is for one相关的主题文章: