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Two traffic police grab a ticket behind Zhifa economy for Chapter commentary authors a section on the afternoon of November 11th, Nanyang traffic police on duty to spread quickly on the Internet video, video display, two police officers triggered the dispute due to grab a ticket, the dispute "complete the task of law enforcement", "if not to go back to the ticket scolded" discourse. Local police said the evening of 12, said the person involved in the two police officers have been suspended from their duties, and ordered to make a profound examination. From the video point of view, the two seem to insist on the illegal conduct of law enforcement. In fact, behind the dispute, is nothing more than a law enforcement problem? According to local police reported that two people belonging to the Nanyang Traffic Management Service detachment sixth brigade and second brigade service, two people really have on Nanyang’s traffic management detachment area within the scope of traffic violations of law enforcement power. But the problem is that the traffic police enforcement is to maintain traffic order, maintain traffic safety, as long as achieve this goal, who arguably law enforcement are the same, why two people not dispute? But in the course of the dispute caused onlookers, disrupted traffic order. The answer is in a policeman’s words: "task" to "open, if not return ticket back to the public, scolded" implies the experience of Zhifa economy cognition: two traffic police rush to open the ticket, but also to the higher authorities to complete the task of law enforcement ". In essence, this is the old governance index. In 2014 the net exposure of a "traffic police brigade Yanta fourth quarter November special rectification task decomposition table" quantitative early solid folk speculation. After the incident was exposed, the relevant departments to immediately correct the wrong practice and criticism. Two traffic police to grab a ticket, but is the latest version of some local law enforcement tasks that assessed. In fact, traffic law of the traffic management department assessment methods on the performance index to already made provisions: Road Exchange Act eighty-sixth stipulates that any unit shall give the traffic administrative department of the public security organs issued or in disguised form issued a fine index; traffic control department of the public security organ shall regard the amount of fines as the standard for assessing traffic policemen. So, in this case, the traffic police fines issued to the task of the higher authorities responsible person, has alleged violations, police officers involved were suspended inspection, also should be issued fines lead responsibility for a task. Behind the traffic police to open a ticket is an indicator of governance, and behind the indicator governance is law enforcement economy, the penalty income". The two traffic police just accidentally torn face, also opened a "unspoken rule" to the public. [more news interpretation, WeChat add public account today topic listen]相关的主题文章: