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U.S. media: Trump intends to rebuild the American Asia Pacific Alliance to worry about 2016 U.S. presidential votes. Captive map from the United States Republican Trump has just won the presidential election, US media reported in November 9th, the results "not only that, beyond all expectations, the Republicans have also successfully retained in the Senate majority. Under such a background, what is the relationship between the United States and its Asia Pacific allies after Trump’s office? Trump said during the campaign that he would seek peace with military strength, including the number of U.S. warships from the current 274 to an increase of 350. Trump’s security adviser said that the post election situation in the United States is conducive to the government of the United States after the entry into force to provide a stable funding for the reconstruction of the U.S. military, Trump. Trump Er Trump senior military guard China reconstruction security adviser Peter · Navarro (Peter Navarro) and Alexander · Gray (Alexander Gray) published in the Journal of November 7th foreign policy article says that the number of China has exceeded U.S. Navy submarine submarines deployed in the Asia Pacific region, is expected to 2030, China will have 100 submarines and 415 warships. The United States Navy is the most important resource to restrict China’s ambitions and maintain the stability of the Asia Pacific region. The two advisers said that Trump’s Navy reconstruction plan is to ensure that the United States of Asia allies, the United States continues to be the long-term security of the Asia Pacific region security. Trump said the United States as the center to protect allies worry about Trump during the presidential campaign he claimed that if the ruling, will be implemented in the interests of the United States as the center of foreign policy, and constantly complained that the United States of Europe and Asia Pacific allies not because the United States to protect and share the appropriate fee. After Trump’s election victory, some allies fear that they can’t expect the United States to lend a helping hand when they meet security threats. Australian National University National Security Institute Maeder Kaf (Rory Medcalf) wrote in November 9th, without the help of the United States, Australia’s national interests will not be fully protected; after Trump was elected, Australia’s alliance with the United States will continue, but will have real damage. He said, trump will require more than the previous president of the United States to Australia, but the feedback will be less. On the same day, Australian Prime Minister Turnbull said that Australia’s alliance with the United States will continue to be strong. However, he also said that the Asia Pacific countries should work together to convince the Trump administration to ensure that the United States continues to participate in the Asia Pacific Affairs in military and economic affairs.相关的主题文章: