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Travel-and-Leisure Finding a UK wedding reception venue is more than just opening up the telephone directory and picking a location. There are a number of factors to consider such as whether all the wedding flowers and other wedding accessories will fit. The wedding invitations must be sent out well in advance of the wedding ceremony. Wedding invitations are the first indication of the wedding theme, and whether it’s a formal occasion or an informal gathering. Wedding decorations should match the colour scheme of the rest of the wedding, and a winter wedding should use appropriate warm colours to make guests feel comfortable. Beach weddings are typically less formal than those held indoors, and wedding cards should indicate that a beach wedding is the chosen type, so guests can dress appropriately. Wedding gifts often must be packaged differently if they’re going to be outdoors. The wedding cake should never be left outdoors for extended periods, and perishable wedding favours should be kept inside, as well. The wedding music should also reflect the style of the wedding, and heavy-handed classical numbers should generally be avoided for an informal wedding. The wedding centrepiece is an important feature of the wedding, and knowing whether or not it will require climate-controlled storage is important when choosing a venue. Even the wedding hairstyles must be modified to suit the venue, as humidity and heat levels will often dictate the longevity of the hairstyle itself. Wedding stationery can be used to keep track of the guests as they arrive, and should be kept by a trusted member of the wedding party. They can encourage guests to sign the guest book and even take note of who brings wedding cameras, so pictures can be obtained later. Wedding music can be performed either by a wedding DJ or with recorded songs, of course. The couple can either write their own wedding vows, or standard wedding vows can be used. Most venues will accommodate ceremonies of almost any type, and special requests such as a green wedding can be requested. A fall wedding can be beautiful, but it’s important to note that the weather during the fall can be unpredictable, so an indoor wedding is typically best for the guests and the wedding bouquets. The wedding guest book can be placed at the door, so no guests are missed as they enter the venue. Any wedding party members who are doing wedding readings should be aware of their duties well in advance, so they can plan the readings that they can most effectively execute. Wedding announcements should be made several months in advance, so those who are familiar with wedding etiquette can contact the wedding party to make arrangements for travel and gifts. Wedding chapels should be booked as soon as possible to ensure they are available for the preferred date. For a destination wedding, the wedding veils, wedding band, and wedding planner should be arranged on site, so they’re available upon arrival. The wedding planner can help coordinate staff members who can ensure that the wedding party knows the wedding dance and offer first dance lessons if possible. Suitable first dance songs should be selected, and for some wedding dances, a wedding waltz is almost a necessity. Finding a venue is of first importance, though, and finding the perfect venue can be a daunting task. Based upon the wedding party’s desired location and the activities that interest them, the wedding reception venue can be selected from many criteria. In Northamptonshire, for example, All Saints Church in Wellingborough offers full-service facilities that can accommodate both the ceremony and the ensuing reception. All Saints is a traditional Anglican Church and welcomes visitors to attend services to familiarize themselves with the church and its leadership. In Scotland, Comlongon Castle offers wedding parties the option to enjoy both their wedding and reception on site. Because the castle and surrounding grounds are so large, the venue can support even the largest weddings, and the local catering options are all beautifully done. This 15th century Scottish castle is near Gretna and has been fully restored to perfect condition. The displays of armour, weaponry, and period art pieces make the castle feel authentic, and the 120-acre estate is beautifully kept. The London Canal Museum is ideal for those seeking an unusual wedding and reception venue. Authentic period pieces from Britain’s canal age are displayed around the venue, and the venue even has its own mooring facilities, so those who wish to arrive by boat can do so with great ease. Wedding receptions at the museum can be held in the first floor hall, where the timber roof lends a heady atmosphere to any proceedings. The Canal Museum is willing to open its doors to outside catering, as well, and its proximity to London means that options for a catered reception are endless. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: