Under the net hit a new threshold rose to 60 million yuan, the new fund was forced to expand gallon -sorpack

Under the net hit a new threshold rose to 60 million yuan, the new fund was forced to expand the scale – Fund Channel China fund reporter Fang Li whole three quarter, A shares market’s most popular word is not "hit new". It is because of the new profit rate increase lead to the participation of the network under the placement of C class investors increased, as a class of investors of public funds to participate in the network to hit the new threshold has repeatedly raised, before this has risen to 50 million yuan on the basis of the increase to 60 million yuan. Shenzhen a new fund to fight the fund manager said that the provisions of the two exchanges in Shanghai new basic threshold is participation in the market value of 10 million yuan, due to more and more people, most involved in playing the new threshold is increased, the recent part of the market value of the threshold, the underwriters for positions in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange stocks reached 30 million yuan, which means that the total total market value of 60 million yuan, can participate in the placement of shares. He said: "since the three quarter, the new threshold is gradually improving, after only 50% of the stock to raise the threshold, and then increased to six or seven into, at present more than 75% new shares have raised the threshold, and the market value standards are also improving." Another actively involved in playing the new fund manager also said that recently hit a new threshold is increased, the new threshold is usually played by each IPO lead underwriter to decide now, the majority of firms is the market value of 20 million yuan threshold, high reached 30 million yuan, after the Underwriters play under the net increase the new threshold value may become the norm". It is understood that he has been in the early opening to meet the new threshold, the focus is to select small fluctuations, attractive valuations of stocks, in addition, in order to smooth the risk, the strategy is more diversified, there are defensive attacks. Another fund manager also said that the new fund is to raise the threshold of There are both advantages and disadvantages.: on the one hand, will find some positions of smaller customers, is expected to improve the success rate; on the other hand, fund positions increased, because the stock may accidentally cause losses, will be hard hit new money lost. Of course, if properly handled, we can also get some excess returns. Insiders said that once configured tens of millions of dollars of stock market value, the volatility of the fund’s net impact is still great, therefore, the new threshold to enhance the size of the fund requirements. According to him, this strategy is "hit new + solid income" category of flexible allocation fund greater impact, the scale of 700 million to 1 billion of the fund is the most appropriate, the highest efficiency. However, from the current point of view, some of the new fund size is less than 200 million yuan, if hit a new threshold of 60 million yuan, the bottom warehouse position is high, may have a greater impact on the net volatility. According to the China fund newspaper reporter, at present, many dozen new types of funds are also trying to expand the scale, in order to reduce the stock bottom positions on the volatility of the fund’s net value. "Recently hit new higher rate of return, and new issues are more intensive, according to our estimates, even after dilution, may also achieve annualized 5%~6% yield." A fund company in Southern China said.

网下打新门槛升至6000万元 打新基金被迫加仓扩规模-基金频道  中国基金报记者 方丽   整个三季度,A股市场最热门的词非“打新”莫属。正因为打新收益率提高导致参与网下配售的C类投资者大增,作为A类投资人的公募基金参与网下打新的门槛也一再抬高,在此前已提升至5000万元的基础上增加到6000万元。   深圳一位管理打新基金的基金经理表示,沪深两大交易所规定打新的基本参与市值门槛均是1000万元,由于打新的人越来越多,目前多数参与打新的门槛有所提高,近期,部分承销商要求持仓深交所和上交所个股的市值门槛均达到3000万元,这就意味着一共需要合计6000万元的市值,才可以参与新股的配售。   他说:“三季度以来,打新门槛就在逐步提高,此前只有50%的个股提高门槛,后来增加到六七成,目前75%以上新股都抬高了门槛,而且市值标准也在提高。”   另一位积极参与打新的基金经理也表示,近期打新门槛确实有所提高,通常打新门槛是由每只新股的主承销商自己来决定的,现在大部分券商要求是2000万元市值门槛,较高的也达到3000万元,“以后承销商提高网下打新市值门槛可能会成为一种常态”。据了解,他前期一直在加仓以满足打新门槛,重点是选择波动较小、估值有吸引力的个股,此外,为了平滑风险,策略更加多元化,有守有攻。   另一位基金经理也表示,打新门槛提高对基金运作来说有利有弊:一方面,会挤出一些持仓量较小的客户,中签率有望提高;另一方面,基金仓位提高了,可能会因为选股不慎导致亏损,将辛辛苦苦打新赚的钱亏掉。当然,如果运作得当,也可以获得一些超额收益。   业内人士表示,一旦配置了几千万元的股票市值,对基金净值的波动影响还是很大,因此,打新门槛提升也对基金规模提出要求。据他介绍,这对策略是“打新+固收”类的灵活配置基金影响大一些,规模在7亿至10亿的基金最适宜,效率最高。   不过,从目前看,有些打新基金的规模低于2亿元,若打新门槛达到6000万元,底仓仓位偏高,可能对净值波动影响较大。据中国基金报记者了解,目前不少打新类基金也在努力扩大规模,以减小股票底仓对基金净值的波动影响。   “最近打新收益率较高而且新股发行较为密集,据我们测算,即使摊薄之后也可能达到年化5%~6%的收益率。”华南一家基金公司人士表示。相关的主题文章: