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United 12 years into the largest pillar of cancer? Ferguson Mourinho did not dare dare Ferguson drive, Murini? Sina sports "Europa League I want Rooney to rest, expecting a weekend take on an altogether new aspect of Rooney." Talking about the Europa League squad defeat Rooney in midweek, Mourinho explained. However, in the game against Waterford, Rooney did not take on an altogether new aspect is still in the doldrums, but. "Manchester Evening News" in the game to Rooney the lowest 3 points, even very sharp criticism of Rooney’s performance does not deserve to start, the United skipper is experiencing now is probably the biggest challenge and crisis of career. After Mourinho took office, Rooney is still the unconditional trust, he repeatedly praised Rooney in public. But one can not ignore the reality is that Rooney has really changed. Take the United game against Waterford as an example, according to OPTA data, Rooney scored only 83% passing rate for the header, the success rate was 33%, the man shot 1 times, 0 times, but also missed, as the team’s 10 players, so the data can be described. With too horrible to look at throughout the game, Rooney has repeatedly a very Speechless misspass. After the game, "Manchester Evening News" gave Rooney the lowest 3 points: "the pass is very confusing, and often lost the ball, perhaps really not worthy of the first 11 people." Rooney’s position more and more awkward in fact, this is not the way Rooney has such a weak performance. From the start of last season, Rooney has shown signs of a marked decline. Last season, Rooney played a large part in the number 9 cases, only accounted for 8 in the league, over recent years worst report. This season, with the addition of Ibrahimovic, Rooney’s position was fixed at 10, but the fat in this position is also very embarrassing, do not play the core role. No matter from which technical link, Rooney has no absolute advantage. The passing ability and vision, as Rooney mkhitaryan and Mata; theory of aura and vitality than Herrera and Lin Jiade Rooney. Therefore, Rooney himself in this position is also very awkward, he and Ibrahimovic did not form a good chemical effect. Although the Swedish tower of Rooney’s comments have been very high, but also look forward to working with him, but there is no match between the two, forming a force. Of course, for many years Rooney contribution to Manchester United can’t be ignored, he called on the qualifications of Manchester United meritorious service, over the past 12 years, he is a united pillar type player, is currently the most senior United team, is one of the representatives of the team. But when the Rooney condition is not good, may not be appropriate when starting, Mourinho has no courage to bring him down, this is probably the biggest problem of manchester. Last season Ferguson Manchester United, when Rooney fall or do not meet the requirements of the tactical Ferguson, Ferguson will decisively put Rooney on the bench, and when Ferguson after retirement, whether it is Moyers, Van Gaal or Mourinho, did not have the courage to take Rooney. Rooney is flat in fact, as Mourinho put it at 10相关的主题文章: