Us prices that YAHOO was not black country behavior

Us prices that YAHOO is black is not "state action" in the United States Yahoo Corp confirmed last week, at least 500 million users in 2014 with information being stolen, also blamed on "national support" hackers, but did not produce evidence. Arizona, a network of companies believe that this is an Eastern European Criminal gangs. InfoArmor 28, which provides information protection and other services, said the data was stolen by hackers were sold to at least three buyers, including a state funded organization. InfoArmor chief intelligence officer Andrew Komarov said, referring to · a small part of the stolen YAHOO account sample, InfoArmor company believes that the invasion of YAHOO is "occupation criminals", nicknamed "E" from the professional hacker Gang, they specialize in network illegal sale of stolen personal information. The hacker gang had also suspected the invasion led the British company, dhampur company and server. According to Komarov’s argument, these hackers are not employed by YAHOO, just looking for a large number of users with a well-known site to start, and then sell customer information for profit. NBC news report the discovery of Komarov interpreted as "the Russian government is arch-criminal", "the Wall Street journal" reported the expression of the opposite view, and said, in fact, InfoArmor company itself has the ability to break some of the YAHOO account password encryption. YAHOO and the FBI, who took over the case, did not comment. An investigation of the work of the U.S. government officials said, there is no strong evidence that the hacker invasion is manipulated by a country. As everyone knows, the intelligence and research departments, tracking network attacks is difficult. Some hackers criminals sometimes provide information to government agencies or employed by the government, and these are the 500 million YAHOO user information stolen in the history of the largest network intrusion case the truth becomes whirling. (Xinhua Wang Yijun) [micro].相关的主题文章: