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Us Russian wrestling in Syria ceasefire agreement difficult to continue (Photos) – Sohu news information: local time on September 4th, the Syria province of HAMA, the opposition armed soldiers using rockets to attack government forces occupied area. The United States and Russia to Syria policy significant differences between the both sides of the Syria issue policy differences between the two sides did not reach a compromise in the long-standing, some key problems, resulting in the United States and Russia on the ceasefire agreement during the execution of contradictions. The differences between the United States and Russia at present mainly focused on three aspects: one is the Russian support for the Syrian government forces, major strategic differences supported America armed opposition has not changed; the two is how to ensure the safety of humanitarian relief supplies into the battle area; the three is how to distinguish between Syria moderate opposition and extremist organizations. The United States and Russia continue to ask first commitment to exercise restraint, but also worry about access to humanitarian aid to the benefit of the other side. Russia has accused the United States of being reluctant to distinguish between moderate opposition and extremist groups. Because of the differences between the United States and Russia so obvious and profound, the two sides will only give each other a very limited concession space. In addition, the American political and military views on the situation in Syria is not consistent. The agreement reached in Russia is driven by U.S. Secretary of state Kerrey to a great extent, for Kerrey and his Russian joint action, joint fight against Syria terrorist forces, the US military actually have strong reservations. Even some analysts believe that the U.S. "misbombing" Syrian army and the US military may be unhappy with Kerrey’s policies have certain connection. Data figure: Syria residents were forced to evacuate, full of broken walls, for water and electricity, the once prosperous city in ruins. Syria is still difficult to change the situation in the short term as the Syrian army announced the end of the ceasefire, the situation in Syria into a tense state. According to the current observation, including Russia, the Syrian parties to the conflict in the short term and not renewed willingness to hold peace talks. The U.S. State Department said 19 days, the United States is willing to extend the two sides to the ceasefire agreement, but in fact the United States is likely to move intended to maintain itself into a ceasefire agreement, the Russian destroyer Syria as a ceasefire agreement. Kerrey has been on the Syria’s military declared a ceasefire has come to an end "to be denounced, he claimed that the cease-fire agreement was reached with Russia, Russia’s responsibility to request the Syria authorities continue to implement the cease-fire. The conflict in Syria has been going on for 5 and a half years, and the ceasefire ended in barely a short span of 7 days. The ceasefire will undoubtedly prove difficult to continue to enhance mutual trust, the United States and Russia still has a long way to go. In this context, the peace process in Syria is still difficult to obtain any substantive breakthrough. Author: Li Yang false GJ 2016 09-20 8009215.shtml report Video: Syria announced seven days a ceasefire to end the UN aid convoy attacked source: CCTV news news agency in Beijing in September 20,   (reporter Li Yang) 19, Syria’s military announced a ceasefire for a period of 7 days of the end of the conflict in Syria相关的主题文章: