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The user first broke the news: the Samsung Galaxy Note7 explosion – Sohu digital news September 18th, this morning, there are users on Note7 Post Bar claimed that the country for themselves in the Jingdong to buy Samsung Note7 coral blue version battery explosion accident in use. The user said the accident occurred when the mobile phone is not in use in the process of charging, and then suddenly black screen, body shake, mobile phone is lost to the side after the explosion. In addition, the users also drying out after receiving mobile phone out of the box diagram in the circle of friends issued, this coral blue version of Note7 is to get the goods in September 2nd or so, query the machine from the official website of Samsung IMEI number shows that the machine accident damage insurance service start time for the September 3rd, not Samsung official recall 1858 experience testing machine. It is worth noting that no black box label box logo, so the machine belongs to the old version of August 2016, which means that the machine belongs to the same batch of the old version of Note7 China may also exist security risks. Prior to Samsung announced that it will recall 2 million 500 thousand of the world’s battery security risks exist in the Note7 phone, but for the Chinese mainland Samsung Note7 due to the use of different batteries, so there is no security issues. From the current point of view, the user broke the news should be the first line of Samsung Note7 explosion.                  相关的主题文章: