Usury just need 23 Americans can not afford $one thousand emergency drop dead diva

Just need to become usury: 23 of Americans get a $one thousand emergency before seeing Chinese in a popular Google announced: from the beginning of July 13, 2016, will refuse to "payday loan products" in the Google search engine. A payday loan is a short-term loan commonly, it almost does not need to provide the borrower’s personal economic situation the background of security; it is not the pawnshop, do not need expensive collateral, interest rates are particularly high. This is commonly known, because it is the key technology, the borrower needs to prove that he has a job, to produce a payroll, there is a payroll account, his work unit will be paid on schedule. Then, the lending institutions will require the borrower to write a cheque, for example, is valid for two weeks or a month after the repayment date, future salary is his collateral. On that day of payday, if the borrower does not repay the lender to, directly from the borrower’s salary account cash the check. Payday loans are legal in twenty-nine states in the United States, and there are nine states that are under strict limits, and the other fourteen states and the District of Columbia are illegal. Legal states also have interest rates, generally thirty-six percent to forty percent. Google to draw the line, where the annual interest rate of more than thirty-six percent of the loan, the future may not enter their search. Google’s decision is only for a moral reason. The annual interest rate is three hundred percent to four hundred and fifty percent. Google’s pay day loan products on the description of a free, very little choice of society, the drawbacks are obvious. Do not say that freedom is the basic right of human beings, the first to stifle the killing of a large part of the freedom of creativity. Then, in a free society, because of human weaknesses, the community is also very difficult, once again to the specific freedom of the line: an act, is handed over to individuals, or to the legal norms? How do you draw the line between morality and crime? Sometimes, even if it is a matter of personal morality, personal weakness and personal choice, there are still some problems that society can bear. It is often true that the pen is uncertain and I don’t know where to draw the line. For example, smoking is harmful to health, rather than smoking in public places is still a personal decision, regardless of the law; then, drug abuse? That drug is damaging their health, but the drug would lead to many social problems, the scope of drug itself is often included in the criminal crime. Besides private lending, seems to be a consensual behavior. On this "personal freedom", the line should be how to draw? The payday loan industry, said it was sinful, unspeakable. In the film "Short" (The Big), specifically to let it advertised a face. It is the key short-term loan requirements due to one-time payment, the loan period is short, a month or two weeks, many people cannot do all the money, will request an extension, that is to continue to borrow, so it becomes the compound interest, it is very terrible. In fact, Google allowed thirty-six percent of the usury, also has enough to harm. A handful of victims, casual look, countless stories. For example, there is a Gordon Martinez.相关的主题文章: