Uzbekistan home court weak case is not strong facing axis shake the country foot – good

Uzbekistan home court weak case is not strong facing axis shake the country foot – good Beijing Beijing time next Tuesday evening at 9, the World Cup Asian zone qualifying round of 12 ushered in the fourth round, the Orangemen will be at Tashkent’s Ben Jo Deco stadium challenge team Uzbekistan. Yesterday afternoon local time, the Orangemen from Xi’an on a charter flight successfully flew to Tashkent, then for the first time before the training. The Uzbekistan team is in the same group of four enemies of the foot, the two sides have past A-level international competitions played 10 times, in 4 foot wins 1 flat 5 negative slightly strive, in the official competition, Uzbekistan national football team met is less negative and more wins. Has just suffered a defeat in Xi’an national football, from the beginning of the game must seek breaking to fight to win or die "state of mind. At the same time, the new home defeat of the Uzbekistan team also want to take 3 points from the body of the foot, so as to continue to maintain the Iran team and the South Korean team to catch up. In recent years, many opponents this opponent is not unfamiliar with the history of the national team played a lot of times in Uzbekistan. The two sides fight for the first time that Chinese fans to forget, the 1994 Asian Games Football Final, at the time of independence after the first to participate in the Asian Games Wudui beat Qi Wusheng led the team to 4 than 2 China, won the championship. The two teams in the Asian Cup finals played the most times, in 1996, in 2007, in 2011 and in against a total of 4 times, the national record for the record of 1 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses. The last time the two sides met in the 2015 Asian Cup group second games, the Chinese team with Wu Xi and sun’s goal to be able to reverse the ratio of 2 to defeat the Uzbekistan team. The two sides have played two times in 2001 — in the World Cup history, Milutinovic coached the National Football Championship in 10 to 1 Wudui wins 1 of the negative record, but the last round away defeat to Wudui when the Orangemen have already qualified — it is so far the only time to Tashkent national football match experience. Today, the national foot, participated in the game, there are two people: the current national goalkeeper coach Qu Chuliang goalkeeper as a goalkeeper played a half, while veteran Dewey was full of the audience. Gao Hongbo coached the country for the first time when the team also played against Uzbekistan two times. Is the first time in the 2011 Asian Cup group phase the final round draw with Uzbekistan national football team in the 2 to 2 level, the competition for the Orangemen scored striking one snag after another, are Yu Hai and Hao Junmin; the second is in a warm-up match in June 2011, the Orangemen sits Kunming beat home court opponents to 1 0 goals who is Gao Lin. From both sides of the Uzbekistan team in recent years, with the Orangemen repeatedly fight, and the current Wudui array and effectiveness of 3 super players, so the players on the team should not be too strange. Fast Wudui tough defense home court often "weak case is not strong" since independence in 1990s, the Uzbekistan team has never scored in the world cup finals. However, Uzbekistan has been in the second tier football upper level in Asia, known as "Central Asian wolf", its style has some similarities with the Iran team, emphasize the rapid hale and defensive energy)相关的主题文章: