Varun Childrens Park On Beach Road

Home-and-Family What you see Varun Childrens Park is located in the vicinity of Varun INOX on Beach road in Vizag. A big statue of a young girl in a playful mood, sitting on the entrance gate refreshed our memories of childhood. Within the park an enormous conch shell is fixed at one corner from which a lovely stream flows to a small pool. Reflecting Vizags past, a statue of a fisherman on his boat with his fishing ., stands next to the shell. In the evening, bright yellow lights add glitter to the ambience. What you get – Varun Park is an ideal getaway for families in Vizag. The park is maintained by Varun group, which also has the five star hotel Varun Novotel to its credit. The park though was built by Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) that earlier even maintained it. The picturesque location and the constant flow of breeze gives visitors of this park a sense of relaxation. The patch of green adds color and freshness. Theres a sea adjacent to the park the view of which can be enjoyed in spite of the boundary walls. Kids can spend time here on swings, slides, seesaw, rides and small walls to practice rock climbing. Benches are available for those interested in sitting, relaxing and soaking in the natural beauty. Near the park, you can even get camel rides. There are roadside snacks stalls too like the one for Jhal Muri (crunchy mixture of puffed rice, peanuts, a dash of lime and more) or roasted corn. A Chinese fast food cart, just in front of the entry gate, caters noodles, soup, Manchurian etc No entry charges are levied. Our verdict – Though the park is not vast in size, its location is its USP. For localites as well as for the visitors to Vizag, this park on Beach road gives them a good reason to spend quality time with each other. Kids also get a chance to play in a secure area. Dont to carry your camera and some mats on sit on. Though food is available, its advisable to carry your own bottle of drinking water. Anytime between – 6.30 AM 9.30 AM and 4 PM 9.30 PM About the Author: 相关的主题文章: