VI standard will release emission standard upgrade intensive car prices difficult to deal with

"VI" standard will release emission standard upgrade intensive car prices difficult to deal with each reporter Yang take poetry from November 1st onwards, Henan province began to implement the "China five batches of motor vehicle emission standards (China five). There has been 11 eastern provinces and cities take the lead in the implementation of V. And in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of environmental protection at the beginning of this year, in January 1st next year, the light-duty gasoline vehicles are required to begin to implement the "country v". In fact, although the "V" standard has not yet fully implemented, "VI" (six) standard has been ready. In November 1st, the Automobile Association Deputy Secretary General Ye Shengji in the car (micro signal: NBD-AUTO NBD) interview revealed, "VI" standard is expected to be officially launched in the year; from car prices expected that the full implementation of time may be before 2020. According to the previous situation, which means that the implementation of time "in the eastern province of VI" earlier. In October 31st, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau announced in 2017 began implementing the "Beijing VI" product quality standard, which is considered to be a pathfinder upgrade the emission standards. Intensive upgrading of emission standards, has begun to allow some car prices can not eat". According to the research and development of Dongfeng official, emission standard upgrade once, which means to increase the scale of investment 1 billion yuan; Changan R & D responsible person told the NBD car, only to "VI" technical preparation is expected to take two years, and the product preparation time will be longer. In addition, the car prices will face a lot of pressure, such as rising vehicle costs. In the double pressure of cost and time, responsible person told the NBD Dongfeng Automotive related technology research and development center, once Beijing ahead of the implementation of "VI", some car companies will choose to temporarily withdraw from the". "V" countdown "for the full implementation of country V emission standards, all of our products are ready." Changan Power Engineering Research Institute Research Institute of Power Technology Research Institute deputy director Hu Tiegang told the NBD said it was upgraded in order to cope with the countdown has entered the emission standard. In the recent opening of the 2016 session of the ninth Zhengzhou International Auto Show (micro-blog), with "V" standard model has become the focus of many exhibitors. In accordance with the provisions of Henan Province, will be in November 1st ahead of the implementation of "V" emission standards; and in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of environmental protection, the implementation of the "country V" emission standards nationwide dated January 1, 2017, which is only less than two months. In addition, as early as the first half of this year, 11 provinces in East China have been the first implementation of "V" emission standard. In this case, not only in Changan, including Dongfeng, SAIC, Chery and other brands, has completed its products "V" upgrade. However, NBD learned that the car did not finish products ready than "V" emission regulations start date, most car prices until the standard upgrade before playing "goal". "We" in the country V ‘products ready until recently completed." Hu Tiegang told the NBD car, because the eastern provinces to implement the China five time earlier, enterprise ready time limited, Changan early only completed the preparation for key products "V". "Emission upgrade is one)相关的主题文章: