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VR theme park located in the scenic area of Sanya deer back two years to cover more scenic beauty, culture, experience…… Today, more and more people choose to travel to play, the individual needs of tourists is growing, a single tourist attractions can not meet the needs of tourists. Today, the reporter learned from the back of the scenic spot and enjoy the VR theme park signing ceremony press conference learned that VR theme park will be located in Sanya, and plans to cover the city in more than two years, a number of scenic spots. Sanya tourism adds science and technology elements, designed to promote the rich tourist attractions of traditional scenic areas, and enhance interaction with tourists, and thus create a new tourist economic growth point in Sanya, promote the transformation and upgrading of the city’s tourism industry. According to reports, located in the scenic spot of the Sanya deer back VR theme park, will be combined with scenic culture, a phase with the legend of the back of the deer, star nuclear brigade, VR theater and a variety of VR interactive entertainment products. VR theme park covers an area of nearly 400 square meters, will be opened in December sales. It is worth mentioning that the theme park using the scene tracking technology, game player support free walking, precise motion capture system plus, will achieve the perception and body feeling with depth. As people travel ideas, methods, needs and other changes, the traditional scenic spots should accelerate the transformation and upgrading, mining cultural connotation, rich tourism formats, to create a more diverse interactive experience for visitors." Zheng Conghui, deputy director of the Sanya Municipal Tourism Commission, said, tourism + technology, scenic +VR and other tourism formats, the development of new projects, while promoting the transformation and upgrading of scenic spots, but also to promote the transformation and upgrading of tourism in Sanya. Sanya, the relevant person in charge also revealed that the scenic spot, the next phase of the plan is to gradually cancel the tickets, efforts to build commercial projects to promote the development of scenic spots.相关的主题文章: