Wang Fei praised the United Arab Games he has the ability to stand in

Wang Fei praised the Afghan Olympic performance: he has the ability in NBA based on the Yi Jianlian dunk source: FIBA Chinese (the official website of the Beijing 2016 Olympic Games in Rio Chinese) – former basketball coach Wang Fei for Yi Jianlian on behalf of China team at the Olympic Games in Rio’s performance to give a high degree of certainty. The 28 year old striker is one of the few bright spots for the Chinese team in Rio, with Yi Jianlian averaging a total of $20.4 (in the top third) in the game, with a total of $6.6. "He is very important to the Chinese team, averaging 20 points in Rio is an extraordinary achievement, I appreciate his ability, but also that he has the ability to stand in NBA," Wang Fei said. Earlier this week, Yi Jianlian signed a contract with the Losangeles Lakers for a year. Yi Jianlian was in 2007 by the Milwaukee bucks in the first round of elections, only stay in Milwaukee after a season to join the New Jersey nets, where he spent two seasons, and in the process of 2009-10 following the nets, Yi Jianlian can achieve occupation career high 12 points and 7.2 rebounds. And he was in the last season of NBA is to follow the Dallas Mavericks, after 30 appearances he chose to return to CBA. Although Yi Jianlian in the Olympic Games outstanding performance, but the team still China in Rio is hard to find a win, but Wang Fei also criticized, "the team needs to be improved in many places in order to become a good team, technology and tactics we are relatively backward, and the opponent and the gap is huge. Yao Ming that era of Chinese basketball is undoubtedly great, but now we do not have the strength."相关的主题文章: