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Wang Feng exposes the music industry low income do not want her daughter to music Wang Feng Wang Feng in the evening of November 8th, a large-scale activity exposes debut of many years of experience and hardships, decades of writing copyright income is only 600 thousand yuan, said he did not want his daughter into the music circle, and lamented not starve to death music". In the event, Wang Feng exposes many years of experience and hardships. In retrospect, Wang Feng talked about his music dream in order to quit paying public, group from the earliest "Bao Street No. 43" behind the band, to become independent music on the survival of the rent, food and other difficulties. Although these past prompted him to create popular "spring", "Beijing Beijing" and other songs, but still face a lot of pressure to survive, but also let him start thinking, music industry, music of the poor is not reasonable. From the age of 18 to 27, the 28 began writing songs at the age of ten years, Wang Feng more deeply understand the "original music is not to make money, even if the reputation improved, began to be public knowledge, obtained from the records of income but also ordinary working-class level, as the creator, but rely on commercial speech to make money. Wang Feng joked: "this is equivalent to every day to go out to work is not paid, after work you drove home by two persons, earn a living." While talking about his career for decades, the number of copyright record total revenue of only 600 thousand yuan, the copyright protection is not in place, equivalent to the loss of an aircraft, the audience also sigh. The singer big income is less than the ordinary people, the viewers by surprise.相关的主题文章: