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Wang Jianlin refused to buy paramount: want to build a global empire in the September 18th movie news in July this year, foreign media have revealed that Wanda Group intends to become paramount potential buyers, the acquisition of its 49% stake. Foreign media recently revealed again news, the deal is done, because the parent company Viacom paramount (Viacom) decided not to sell. According to foreign media reports, Viacom’s paramount parent company has made a decision that Paramount Pictures is one of the company’s core assets, no longer consider the sale of its shares. August 23rd Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin said in an interview with Reuters, said, my goal is to acquire the company of Hollywood, and their technology and film production capacity into china." Wang Jianlin believes that Wanda is likely to acquire any of the six Hollywood studios. "Hollywood six" in addition to paramount, including twentieth Century Fuchs, Warner Brothers, Disney, and SONY global. "We are interested in not only paramount, all but the Hollywood Liu Dazhong. If any one of Hollywood Liu Dazhong is willing to sell to us, we will be very interested." Wang Jianlin said: "only six of Hollywood is a truly global film company, the rest are not. This is a necessary step if we want to build a real movie empire." In January this year, Wanda Group announced the acquisition of the legendary pictures, Wanda’s American cinema AMC acquisition of us cinema card Mike (Carmike Cinemas) and the European cinema Odeon & UCI agreement. July, AMC announced the acquisition of 921 million pounds of Odeon & UCI, thus completing the global layout of the United States and the European theater acquisitions. After the merger is completed, Wanda will control 15% of the world’s box office revenue. Wanda’s goal is to control the world’s 20% box office revenue in 2020. In July this year, foreign media release for Paramount Wanda wind, because of Wanda’s paramount pictures bid valuation rose from $8 billion to $10 billion. The announcement will no longer sell shares, Paramount Pictures expected new changes. (Wang Kaka) original title: "Wang Jianlin is very want to buy paramount but people say" I do not sell "editor: Zhang Hailei相关的主题文章: