Wang Lifen died on Zhang Rui entrepreneurship is a difficult road, founder of no retreat misao

Wang Lifen died on Zhang Rui: entrepreneurship is a difficult road, rain doctors did not retreat Founder Founder Zhang Rui yesterday, rain doctors officially confirmed its founder Zhang Rui due to a sudden myocardial infarction died, only 44 years old. The news shocked the industry, about the difficult topic also caused extensive discussion. Screenshot micro-blog as a well-known entrepreneur, quality rice network founder, former CCTV "dialogue" "win in China" as host and producer Wang Lifen in October 6th on micro-blog published a lengthy tribute to Zhang Rui, and with their own entrepreneurial experience about entrepreneurs in the hard and glossy appearance is not easy, sincere words, set people thinking. The following is Wang Lifen long micro-blog content: the death of Zhang Rui today, I believe that all entrepreneurs are a deep shock. Entrepreneurship is what? Is a road that no one has ever walked. This way, find the direction for demand for demand of products, products have the money, find the money to find people, find people do not have to continue to find suitable people, people to find products made out spend amazing to find customers, customers less to find a large number of customers, then need to find more money to expand the scale, and then manage and keep up and need to find someone, then find someone and then change, and then find customers. In this way, the founder to answer from many investors, regulators, and other partners, family and the passerby business related or not related to the chat and boring questions, answer to do not want to talk mulberry hoarse mentally and physically exhausted. In all the people looking for money for clients, all party, in person, even when the grandson to. So, you want to start a friend, want to know, do you want to start? This is a really difficult way to go, it deprives too many beautiful moments of original life, especially those in the high amount of financing looks high valuation of the founder, a variety of diseases of the inner anxiety they face, only green body contains the measurement. I have carefully looked at a few people class entrepreneurs, they have few normal face, their inner anxiety in the face, body language, the anxiety from financing, from competitors from poaching, supervision from panic, broken families from friends and partners of enemies, fracture from the chain of funds, from the business model of the commercial giant suddenly panic, from vertical and horizontal integration. In short, this is a group of outsiders envious eyes wrapped up their entrepreneurial reputation in various forums and the spotlight in the heart but not a moment of peace of the people. In fact, today, the entrepreneurial environment is getting worse. The economic winter does not seem to be warming in the near future, in the company last month in addition to taxes outside the security and the deadline to improve Moumou suddenly pay or pay fines, as a private venture company with state-owned enterprises cooperate with government people said that cooperation with private enterprise is still not assured, etc. these indicate the environment of entrepreneurship in the bad, the bad in the most sad is the founder, they are a company of the last line of defense, they did not retreat, retreat is dead. The entrepreneur is the backbone of the society, is the era of peace, a hero, a great entrepreneur is the wealth of society, is a luxury exercise time. Ordinary people see they have something beyond the wealth map相关的主题文章: