Watch the Blizzcon hearthstone Chinese athletes brisk performance pork face

Watch the Blizzcon hearthstone Chinese athletes brisk performance [Abstract] People’s dazzling performance, competition does not lose foreign enemies! At BlizzCon is like a raging fire, furnace stone legend World Championships after a fierce duel has been out of the quarter finals, Chinese two outstanding players Hamm J Ron and jasonzhou successfully. Watch Live president Huya exclusive perspective of exciting events, such as swing, brother buddy funny commentary, also added a lot of laughter for carnival. Because the game is early morning broadcast, missed the buddy can also look at the news shock! Live in Huya also intimate official channels to take care of the early buddy rolling replay. This carnival of urine many, completely subvert the buddies to take them by surprise visit, firmly attracted the audience’s attention. In the beginning there is a carnival, the highly anticipated European popular prince are parties to the tainted milk milk alive die out early. Early ready to release the power of the first he must face Meng force, eyes vacant, distressed prince, we see you next year. Statistics, press the pressure of the bag how many? Small make up is really a face of tears. The president of the evening of the two day night commentary carnival, broadcast time during the day there is no pigeons, hard for everyone to do rehabilitation, do homework, try to card players, some hard work like the president! Let’s forget about the prince’s sorrow and make friends! Ham Lang as the carnival only one with the light planes (waste) player, has beautiful advance to the quarterfinals. When asked why he took the priest, the answer was, "I bring the priest to make friends at the carnival". Since then, the "friends and" the carnival splendor. In the carnival group on cancer card with camouflage, recognized as the most waste occupation, with the priest and the Cavaliers, slow occupation sniper opponent, Shiro is really insightful! Ham: Although Lang light waste, but I go to the carnival, in order to make friends! (here should be applause) to take a closer look at this set of "Friends of the herd", almost laughing, full of thinking + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +. Madam President board Niang during the carnival also incarnate the prophecy God, watching the carnival, in another country that Niang players "India God" jasonzhou is very strong, India three really go all the way into the quarterfinals, success, and friends together and hand in hand ready to attack the champion. The semi-finals match will be broadcast in November 5th. Finally I wish Chinese athletes good results in the carnival, the competition has been heating up, the two man must go all out, the game is still early in the morning, welcome to have the faith to live buddy refueling for the Chinese people’s teeth! Blizzard carnival:相关的主题文章: