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"We have come to the" fire combat exercise hard Sheenah injury – Sohu   entertainment; "we have come to the" fire combat Sohu entertainment news on Friday night Hunan TV, "we have come to the" into the Dalian fire brigade, ten guests faded clothes, fully equipped for orange clothing, Avatar warrior. At the moment they are no longer the idols of the spotlight, and they are responsible for the clothes. Alongside the fire officers and soldiers together really experienced a fire rescue. In "100 m Echelon" fire combat exercises, the sun goddess Sheenah fought hard but accidentally inhaling smoke. This time she was still smiling face? The fire explosion shock star Sheenah assists in the release of positive energy for firefighters fire ruthless, every time the police are a baptism of life. In "100 m Echelon" for the guests in the fire officers and soldiers staged a thrilling combat exercises, the explosion scared guests be caught off guard the soul almost lost half. Know that life and death know the value of life, in a group of the average age of not more than 20 years old with the help of fire veterans, Sheenah changed the past funny nature, learn to be meticulous. Do not miss any details in the teaching process, this time the goddess of the sun with the release of her energy. In the exercise, Yuan Hong served as the main attacker, assists Sheenah, the actual progress of the beginning is not smooth, the Deputy gun held by Sheenah after the departure of the delay in the opening of the Yuan Hong. The situation is critical, but Sheenah calm, through a series of rigorous and skilled action, and finally successfully completed the first extension of the water pipe, assists success. At meal time, veteran fire about "100 meters echelon attack." the difficulty is not small, even formal firefighters, also need three months to complete the training exercises, and Sheenah and Yuan Hong in the veterans under the help of the successful completion of the exercise, it is not easy. Sheenah was choking smoke injury fierce cough task still concerned with the fire officers and soldiers in the program, Sheenah as deputy, a perfect interpretation of what is called back, carrying water cannons overweight heroic ran through the bridge, with Mars arches, looking at Xiong Xiongran close at hand burning flame, they have no fear, still ahead. Billowing smoke has long been unable to allow the lens to capture the dynamics of the guests, but in the faint can see that a touch of hope orange. Sheenah rushed to the front of the accident accidentally inhaled smoke and cough, eyes were thick smoke straight tears. But the goddess of the sun is still shining brightly, with the help of firefighters successfully completed the task of the fire. After the completion of the task, she asked the firefighters asked: "how do you smoke every time?" Firefighters have a habit, awe inspiring. In this orange fire uniforms, the ten guests can shoulder this responsibility? Between the female general and jagged tough guy will produce what kind of chemical reaction? Please lock the Friday night 20:20 Hunan TV "we come", to pay tribute to the most lovely people.相关的主题文章: