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We have knowledge of ancient trees, how many mistakes? Sohu and review: all kinds of types of tea trees, dazzling. And some of these errors is that we believe that common sense, which allows us to tea friends in the collection of ancient tea on the road more detours. So today, I would like to give you an editor on the old tea exactly what those errors and ways to distinguish. 1, the old tea prices confuse good bar appearance has stood on the thousand mark, a part of farmers began to use trees posing especially in trees, the appearance is more beautiful! Circulated on the Internet to see the appearance of ancient tea is not scientific, according to their theory is (Bai Liang, obviously, hypertrophy) and so on, this is only its characteristics, and can not be determined by this. The province of tea even to tea, will also be deceived. The tea is difficult to distinguish the Mengku, Mengku tea even 5 years around the trees, when the tea trees and drying after the comparison, it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance. Some farmers deliberately small tea bud endowment, picking 3 leaves and a bud, a bubble tea manual work; with the naked eye see you fooled, but as long as the open soup taste, tender taste of tea tree came out. 2, some tea leaves in the bottom of misleading identification trees after watching the bar, is used to see the bottom of leaves, leaf leaf thick tea trees is thought. Some merchants, more is the use of the "magnificent" word to describe the tea trees, Xiao Bian think the word vulgar. The tea of the fat is characteristic of mountain tea, tea quality is not standard. Because of the ancient tree tea is not trimmed, tea bars may be more thin and yellow, especially some small species of ancient trees tea, the most typical is to rely on the state and the king of the ancient trees, from the bar to see the humble. For Yunnan Dayezhong tea, as long as not to fight with the province of tea leaf Dizhen do not see what is true. For everyone familiar with the Iceland, the old class chapter, Yi Wu tea they have their own characteristics, only to see the bottom of the identification of this area of tea, but not by the end of the leaf is a tree or tree. About Pu’er Tea brewing and drinking knowledge can add South Ming beauty tea master senior red Bin: dydy280 consulting exchange. 3, be misleading names Yunnan mountain tea many names is translated from the minority language in some places, with the "wild boar", and other words, and not with the field where there is good tea, tea friends remember. In the absence of origin protection, a lot of tea are under the banner of "class or Iceland" and other words, prices ranging from 50 yuan to 3000 yuan, to buy trees or to choose reliable merchants, but not a hill or place. The old walled complex tea is also a lot of mistakes, there are a lot of Chashan relocated in the past into a new stockade village, he thought that the new village of tea is not good, that only the old village of tea. More merchants played a Lao Zhai, have played a windy Taiwanese old walled words, in fact did not wind the old walled (only windy Village), it is misleading to attract the attention of the place. If you see the packaging above the old walled words, it is best to know the truth and then buy tea! 4, the author of this period of the age of misleading mountain tea is to remind the friends of tea, not "相关的主题文章: